It’s that time of year again – the air is getting warmer and the birds are finally chirping with meaning. After the long winter these birds have lots of work to do so they they’re hungry; why not add a bird feeder to your garden? Regardless of your location, climate or garden size, adding a bird feeder will liven up your space. Here are ten different kinds of feeders – we’ve sought out the best bird feeders for your garden.


Hummingbird feeder


1. Hummingbird Feeder

Ever wonder why humming bird feeders are red? Hummingbirds are attracted to brightly coloured flowers because they survive on flower nectar and sugar water, which is why hummingbird feeders are red, to remind them of real flowers. A splash of colour from a hummingbird feeder will instantly brighten up your garden space.



Squirrel proof bird feeder


2. Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Grey squirrels have always caused problems for people not just with bird feeders, but gardens in general. Their sharp teeth and creative agility can be rather destructive so, even if you enjoy watching their moves, take some precautions.  If you live in an area with squirrels, invest in a squirrel proof bird feeder that has narrow gaps and is away from any trees so they have a more difficult time jumping on to your bird feeder.



Caged bird feeder


3. Caged Bird Feeder

In addition to the squirrels, many other pests (including rats!) love bird food. Adding a large mesh cage around the perimeter, like the one above, will protect your bird feeder and the birds who use it from any type of hungry predator.



Bird feeder pole


4. Bird Feeder Pole

Bird feeder poles are great for people who do not have many trees in their surrounding garden or have a very urban yard space within sight of a window (it is great to be able to watch the birds without binoculars!) Any type of bird feeder can be placed anywhere as long as the pole is stable on the ground and as you can see above, multiple bird feeders can hang from one pole.



Window bird feeder


5. Window Bird Feeder

The purpose of a bird feeder is to feed birds, but also give you the opportunity to watch them. This type of bird feeder can be great for anyone who wants to see the birds pecking at their food while staying in the comfort of their home.



Ground bird feeder


6. Ground Feeders

If you are looking to attract birds like robins, thrushes and dunnocks, note that they prefer to be fed on the ground. However, you shouldn’t just scatter bird seed around your lawn haphazardly because this will attract unwanted animals. Specially designed ground feeders work perfectly for these birds.





7. Bird Tables

Ever heard of this type of bird feeder? Bird tables are just that – tables for various types of birds. It is easy to make a bird table yourself; all you need is a wooden tray and a roof if you think it’s needed. Bird tables usually have a raised rim – make sure that rainwater will drain out quickly.





8. Seed Feeder

Seed feeders are the most popular type of bird feeders. Typically, they have a clear tube with holes and perches on the sides where the birds can access the seeds. Seed feeders can easily be distributed in trees or attached to fences around your garden.



Nut bird feeder


9. Nut Feeder

By nature, nuts are bigger and rounder than seeds, great for small finches and tits to peck at through wire mesh. If you are looking to attract a diverse crowd of birds, using nuts as well as seeds might help – and nuts tend to be a bit cheaper to buy!



Suet treats


10. Suet Feeder

Suet is raw white animal fat. You can buy many types of ‘fat balls’ for bird feeders – made of suet or lard –  or try making them yourself (find a recipe online, using melted suet or lard mixed with grains or nuts). The fat balls will fit into many types of bird feeders, in countless shapes and sizes, usually with a wide metal mesh. They can also be purchased in long plastic mesh bags, ready to hang –  very suitable for the winter season.


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