How does a self build mortgage work?


Self build mortgage

What is a self build mortgage? A self build mortgage is different to a traditional mortgage in that the funds are released in stages as the build progresses. This is ultimately to reduce the risk to the lender.   Featured image above by Allister, architect from Oxfordshire. See more and shortlist them for your home… Read more »

Help to Build Loan – A Simple Guide


What is the Help to Build loan? The Help to Build loan will help people with small deposits (from just 5%) access the finance they need to build their own home. This equity loan scheme is provided by the government to top up a standard self-build mortgage. Following MP Richard Bacon’s review of the sector,… Read more »

What’s the difference between outline planning and permission in principle?


Self build ideas

It’s a common assumption that terms are interchangeable, particularly in relation to new build housing. This is a simple guide to explain the difference between outline planning and permission in principle in basic terms, and which route might be the most suitable for your project. In short, they are essentially very similar. However, permission in… Read more »

Can a neighbour stop my house extension?


Neighbours and the planning process If you’re worried about a neighbour stopping your house extension plans, it’s very helpful right at the beginning of the project to assess this risk as it may inform design decisions as well as your personal handling of the situation.   Featured image from Tyrone, architect from Lambeth, London. See more… Read more »

Can a neighbour object to permitted development?


permitted development extension

… or rather the question should be, will any action be taken by the council if a neighbour objects to your permitted development extension? A neighbour’s objection to your extension can, of course, be taken on board and investigated by your local council. However, if the extension falls within the permitted development guidelines, no action… Read more »

Do you need permission for a basement conversion?


basement conversion

Is it a basement extension or a basement conversion? There are many reasons why basement conversions are so popular in London. But before we get into what permissions you might need for a basement conversion, we’ll explain how we differentiate between a basement conversion and a basement extension. If you are planning to extend or… Read more »

What are the planning rules for basement extensions?


Planning rules for basement extensions Before we delve into the nitty gritty of planning rules for basement extensions, it’s worth checking whether your basement extension will require permission at all. If you’re unsure, you can see these articles: Do I need planning permission for a basement extension?  Do you need planning permission for a basement… Read more »

Why do planning applications get refused? (Private house projects)


Mansard roof extension with terrace

It conflicts with national or local planning policy Before buying a house or embarking on your extension project, it’s a really good idea to look into the likelihood of gaining planning approval for your dream home. The most hard-lined reason for refusal is that the proposal fundamentally conflicts with either national or local planning policy,… Read more »

Do I need planning permission for a basement extension?


basement extension

Do I need planning permission for a basement extension? Basement extensions are one of the more ambiguous projects when it comes to planning consent and unfortunately it’s not a straight yes or no. Nationally, the planning rules around forming living accommodation in basements is ever changing and under review. Local councils will also have their… Read more »

How to get planning permission for a new build house


There are a number of different routes to gaining planning permission for a new build house. This article explains the different options that are available to help you decide which route is right for your particular project and circumstances. Featured image above – self-build design by Stephen, architect from Southwark. Click here to see more… Read more »