Guide to permitted development rules


What is permitted development? Permitted development – or officially General Permitted Development Order (GDPO) – allows you to carry out certain minor alterations or building projects without needing any planning permission. However, some permitted development projects will require a prior approval application (see below). If you want to be certain that your proposal falls within… Read more »

Do you need Permission to Convert a House into Flats?


Flat conversion

As a landlord, looking to convert a house into flats can be a clever move to maximise the rental income but could also allow for a higher total sale price. It also allows for flexibility; you might later choose to sell one flat and retain the other(s). The short answer to the question above is yes… Read more »

Scandi art prints – affordable ideas for your scandi interiors


green scandi art print

Abstract, minimalist art can look perfect in a pared-back, simple nordic inspired interior. Here are some that we’ve selected that will draw the eye, but retain the sense of calm.   NEUTRAL LINES FRAMED CANVAS – From £90.00 (various sizes)  NEUTRAL LOOSE LINES FRAMED CANVAS – From £90.00 (various sizes)    COASTAL SANDY BEACH CANVAS… Read more »

Home extension ideas – the best from UK residential architects


Here at Design for Me, we celebrate extraordinary design for clients with ‘ordinary’ budgets. Design for Me is all about small practices whose passion is residential design for homeowner clients. We see some incredible projects on Design for Me, so we thought we’d share our favourites to spark some inspiration for your own project.  … Read more »

What to Look for When Hiring an Architect


what to look for in an architect

What to look for when hiring an architect Hiring an architect is a crucial step when embarking on a construction or renovation project. Choosing the right architect can significantly impact the success and outcome of your project. We’ve put together a list of top ten considerations when hiring an architect.   Extension pictured above is… Read more »

Climate control for your home


Controlling the climate in your home can benefit everyone, especially with the rising energy prices. Smart technology has made it easier to achieve comfort while saving money by providing various climate control options.   Benefits of Climate Control One of the main benefits of climate control systems is saving energy. Depending on the model, the… Read more »

The Benefits of Hiring an Architect for Your Home Renovation Project


hiring an architect

If you are planning a home renovation or extension, you may be wondering whether you need to hire an architect. While it may seem like an added expense, hiring an architect can actually save you time, money, and stress in the long run. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring an architect for… Read more »