Seven Building Materials that Stand the Test of Time


Sponsored post Long-lasting building materials are highly sought after. Nobody wants a home, office, or property extension built from materials that aren’t made to last.  Aesthetics are one thing but as materials start to wear away, the structures themselves become compromised. This isn’t just an expensive problem to fix, it also poses a significant health… Read more »

How to Build Your Own House


Self Build House

A Simple Guide to Getting Started Self-build projects have been known to be expensive and intimidating, although over the last few years, building your own home has gotten a lot easier. There are over 6 million people in the UK who want to build their own home and over 1 million in progress, according to This Is Money. Now… Read more »

How to use LED lighting efficiently in your home


Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of your home building or renovation project, but is too often an after-thought. The advantages of LED lighting are now well known and, in fact, it may be compulsory that you choose LED to meet building code standards. But it’s not just the position of the lights that… Read more »

Which plot finder website is best for your self build project?


Design by Jamie, architect from Guernsey. See more and shortlist them for your home project here.   Before sifting through loads of plot finder websites, you might find this very useful… Frustratingly, there isn’t a one-stop-shop for finding your plot of land. Unlike house buying, where you can pretty much rely on RightMove & Zoopla… Read more »

What is a kit house and is it right for my self-build?


Kit house

What is a kit house? A kit house is pre-designed and pre-fabricated, usually bought to site flat-packed. Kit houses have become increasingly popular with self-builders, perhaps after the famous ‘Grand Designs’ episode with the German ‘Huf Haus‘. There are now many kit house companies in the UK.   What are self build kit houses made of? Most commonly… Read more »

Can you build a house on green belt land?


Building a house on Green Belt land It is theoretically possible to build a house on Green Belt land, but it’s not easy nor can it be guaranteed. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is the underlying planning policy for the development of land in the UK. However, the local planning office will also have their… Read more »

What is ‘Right to Build’?


What is ‘Right to Build’? Very simply, ‘Right to Build’ is a Government initiative (since 2016), encouraging more custom-build homes in the UK. It comes in response to the difficulty custom builders face in finding suitable land. ‘Right to Build’ gives custom builders the right to purchase a plot from a local council, who have an… Read more »

5 ways to build a low cost house


Space saving ideas

More and more people in the UK are considering building their own home, particularly as getting onto the housing ladder is becoming increasingly less affordable. There are new government initiatives to encourage self-building in an effort to help solve the nation’s housing crisis with bodies such as the ‘National Custom and Self Build Association’ (Nacsba) behind… Read more »

Can I change my planning permission?


self build

Featured image above by Matthew, architect from Bristol. See more and shortlist his practice for your home project here: Matthew’s Design for Me profile    Can you make changes to an existing planning permission? Yes, you can change an application that’s been granted. However, consideration should be given to the extent of the changes, as… Read more »

How to get planning permission for a new build house


There are a number of different routes to gaining planning permission for a new build house. This article explains the different options that are available to help you decide which route is right for your particular project and circumstances. Featured image above – self-build design by Stephen, architect from Southwark. Click here to see more… Read more »