Staircase design ideas and inspiration


staircase design ideas

Staircase design ideas – inspiration from Design for Me’s architects and designers For architects, the staircase is often considered a design centrepiece of a home design project. It provides an opportunity to be playful and can take on a sculptural quality where materials, form and light require detailed consideration. It’s no surprise that a ‘signature’… Read more »

Double storey extension costs and ideas


two storey extension

How much does a double storey extension cost?  As a basic rule of thumb, a two storey extension will cost around 50% more than a single storey extension. Read about extension costs per square metre in our guide here. Based on this guide a (3x6m) two storey extension would be upwards of £60,000 for the basic build cost.*… Read more »

Details – home design ideas and inspiration


Details – home design ideas from Design for Me’s architects and interior designers Great home design is always in the detail. Big gestures can turn heads, but the test of good home design is all about how spaces and materials enhance your home life. The repetition of daily home life scrutinises and tests small design… Read more »

Kitchen extension ideas and inspiration


Kitchen extension ideas from the architects on Design for Me Planning a kitchen extension but don’t know where to start? If you need some kitchen extension ideas or inspiration, we have some beautiful examples of architect-designed kitchen extensions below. The kitchen extension is one of the most popular project that clients post to Design for Me…. Read more »

Renovation ideas and inspiration


Renovation ideas from Design for Me’s architects and interior designers Starting a home renovation project can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never done any significant work to your home before. Therefore, it’s so important that you surround yourself with an experienced team who know exactly what they’re doing. After hiring the right architect,… Read more »

How much does it cost to build a house?


Main image Allister, an architect on Design for Me (see below for more) – See his profile here and shortlist him for your project   Build cost of a house per square metre We know how important it is to have a rough estimate of the cost at a very early stage. The easy answer for us is to say… Read more »

We love exposed brickwork


Exposed brickwork – inspiration from Design for Me’s architects and designers Exposed brickwork can add warmth, colour and texture into your home. It celebrates the fabric of the building – it might be that an old, existing brick wall is exposed as a reminder of the building’s history. Alternatively it can work really well in… Read more »

Steps to building a house


What are the steps to building a house? Many self-builders we have spoken to ask the same question – where do I start? The stages outlined below are there as a guide as the ‘typical’ route. Once you have a good design and management team behind you, they may advise that an alternative path could… Read more »

How long does it take to build a house?


how long does it take to build a house

Image above from by Alex, architectural designer from Manchester, North West. See more and Shortlist them for your home project here.   The next question people ask after, ‘How much does it cost?‘ is usually ‘How long does it take to build a house?’ With both questions, the answer is highly subjective. BUT if you are at the start… Read more »

Double height space – ideas and inspiration


double height space

Double height space – from Design for Me’s architects and designers Double height spaces and high ceilings create a sense of grandeur, openness and can bring in swathes of glorious natural light. Here are some of the best double height space designs from our architects and designers on Design for Me. Click on the images… Read more »