Upgrade Your Garden with Technology


You’ve put thought into making it an enjoyable space for you and your guests, but have you considered incorporating technology to take it to the next level? There are many technological innovations you can integrate into your garden to increase its appeal and tranquility in the 21st century. Consider these unique gadgets to enhance your… Read more »

Garden designers near me


Finding the best garden designers near me We’ve rounded up some of the best garden designers all over the UK to help with your landscaping project – scroll down for your local area. No matter how big or small your project, a garden designer can find the best solution to suit your requirements and budget…. Read more »

Finding architects near me – do I need someone local?


Self build design above by Caspar, architect from Southwark, London. See more and shortlist them for your home project here. Finding architects near me This week, we thought we’d share our answer to a frequently asked question here at Design for Me: ‘Should I only consider architects near me?   Whether you are planning an extension, renovation… Read more »

How to set and control your home renovation budget


How to budget for a renovation

Are you gearing up for a home renovation project? It’s an exciting endeavor, but the costs can be daunting. Don’t worry; this guide has you covered. We’ll guide you through budgeting, comparing quotes, considering DIY options, and uncovering hidden expenses. You’ll become a renovation budget pro in no time. Ready to tackle your renovation budget… Read more »

The Impact of Colour in Living Room Furniture and Design



Colour influences how we feel. It is a basic design element; our moods and feelings are deeply affected by the colours we see. Therefore, selecting the right colours for your living room is a project where you need to put in some effort. Vibrant hues like red and yellow can energize and uplift your spirits…. Read more »

Six inspiring tips and ideas for a multifunctional garden room


garden room ideas

Creating a multifunctional garden room is a fantastic way to expand your living space. With some innovative planning, an outdoor room can transform into whatever suits your needs: a mini gym, a flexible entertainment area for hosting guests, or a serene retreat for reading and relaxation. Whether you require an additional lounge or a dedicated… Read more »

How to find the best house extension architect in your area


best house extension architect

Finding the best house extension architect Here at Design for Me, we are experts in matching and connecting homeowners with the best house extension architect for their particular project. We have put together our top tips for finding the perfect architect for your house extension and how to avoid common pitfalls. Extension image above from… Read more »

Advantages of a Timber Frame Self-Build


You have finally found the perfect plot to build on, have set a proper budget for your project, and are now ready to select a building material. Believe it or not, many UK homeowners in your shoes are turning away from brick and steel in favour of a different material…timber! That’s right, there has been… Read more »

Chimney breast removal


Chimney breast removal At the heart of every Victorian home, the fireplace possessed great significance to a family both practically and socially. However most modern homeowners have a different view of the fireplace and the chimney breast that houses them.  Chimney breasts are now often seen as being a little ‘in the way’, using up valuable floor space.  Central heating systems and advances in insulation technology have also made the chimney somewhat… Read more »

Finding interior designers near me – do I need someone local?


Finding interior designers near me This week, we thought we’d share our answer to a frequently asked question here at Design for Me: ‘Should I only consider interior designers near me??’   Whether you are planning on just re-decorating one room, fitting a new kitchen or bathroom or planning a whole house re-design, finding the right designer is probably the most critical decision… Read more »