How much does a side return extension cost?


A side return extension can be a really cost-effective way of creating more space and adding value to your property without eating into your precious garden space. It can transform a narrow kitchen into the most amazing living / dining area – even becoming the social hub of your family home! But how much does a side return extension cost?… Read more »

How Much Does a Basement Extension Cost?


London basement extensions by Design for Me architect. Click on the images to see their profile and shortlist them for your job.   Calculating your basement extension cost in London / South East We have already written a post on extension costs in London here, but basement extensions are a very different proposition. They can be a fantastic way… Read more »

How Much Does a House Extension Cost in London / South East?


London house extensions by Design for Me architects. Click on the images to see their profiles and shortlist them for your job.   Calculating your house extension cost in London / South East We have already written a post already on house extension costs here, but we thought it would be helpful to have a… Read more »

5 ways to build a low cost house


More and more people in the UK are considering building their own home, particularly as getting onto the housing ladder is becoming increasingly less affordable. There are new government initiatives to encourage self-building in an effort to help solve the nation’s housing crisis with bodies such as the ‘National Custom and Self Build Association’ (Nacsba) behind… Read more »

Shipping Container Homes



Shipping containers are used for, well shipping, but did you know that they could also be used as the skeleton of your next self-build or extension project? Shipping container homes are becoming the new eco-friendly alternative when it comes to building or renovating a home in the UK. Why not use one for your next extension?… Read more »

Is Straw-bale Construction Right for Your Self Build?


Straw-Bale Construction

Straw-bale construction is becoming a new phenomenon in the UK. Unlike the common misconception that houses constructed with straw will be “blown down,” presumably by a wolf, this method of construction has actually been proven to be both energy efficient and cost effective for self builders.     What is Straw-bale Construction? Straw-bale construction is a… Read more »

How to Build Your Own House


Self Build House

A Simple Guide to Getting Started Self-build projects have been known to be expensive and intimidating, although over the last few years, building your own home has gotten a lot easier. There are over 6 million people in the UK who want to build their own home and over 1 million in progress, according to This Is Money. Now… Read more »

Kitchen Renovation Ideas from DfM


Kitchen renovation by Samantha  - Interior Designer on DfM

Keeping it Simple on a Budget Did you know that only 9% of homeowners in a recent survey made it under their budget (according to Which)?! But don’t worry, the team at Design for Me has assembled some tips on renovating your kitchen on a budget, but keeping it super stylish at the same time!… Read more »

How much value does a house extension add?


Is it worthwhile extending your home right now? Work from Design for Me architects: (click to view their full profiles) Matt, Corin, Robert, Tom, Rashid, Giles    Planning rules have been relaxed In recent years the government have relaxed planning rules in regards to extensions. The changes have given homeowners more flexibility to improve and increase the value… Read more »