10 modern garden design ideas


Modern garden design ideas Design for Me has a community of hundreds of garden designers all across the country and we’ve compiled the most inspiring modern garden design ideas for you. If you like the look of one, you can click on the image to see that garden designer’s other work and shortlist them for your project   Bringing… Read more »

Architects’ Services


Featured image by Oliver, architect on Design for Me. See his profile here to shortlist him for your project.    If you’re looking for an architect’s services for an extension, home building or renovation project you have definitely come to the right website. As a residential architect myself, I created Design for Me to help… Read more »

Does my architect need to have insurance?


Does my architect need to have insurance? Even for a small house extension or renovation, it’s hugely important that your architect (or other architectural designer) holds professional indemnity insurance. If anything goes wrong with your project as a result of their advice or work, it will be much more straightforward to claim back any financial… Read more »

Do I need a project manager for a self build or home renovation?


Should you hire a project manager for a self build or home renovation project? The question should really be, ‘what does a project manager do, and do I need one?’. In the building industry the term ‘project manager’ often gets muddled. When a building professional refers to a ‘project manager’ their meaning could fall broadly… Read more »

10 of the best interior designers for small / home projects


Here at Design for Me, we match homeowners with the best interior designers for their home decor projects. Whether it’s a simple living room re-decoration or the complete interior design for a new build house, all of our interior designers specialise in home decor. Here’s just a small selection of some of the best interior firms and freelance interior designers… Read more »

Kitchen Ideas and Inspiration


modern shaker kitchen

A kitchen is often the most used and most important space in any home. Here at Design for Me, a large variety of architects and designers contribute kitchen ideas and inspiration and to our website to share with potential clients. Here are just a few examples that you need to see. A rustic feel from Alexia using exposed brickwork as… Read more »

Do I need a structural engineer or an architect?


structural engineer or architect

If you are starting to plan your home extension or renovation project, you might be wondering if you should hire a structural engineer or an architect. For most home extensions or renovation projects, you will usually require both an architect and a structural engineer.   Featured image from Will, architect in Brighton. See his full… Read more »

What is a feasibility study?


feasibility study architects

Do I need a feasibility study? All projects, big or small, will go through the feasibility phase; which is basically a research phase to help decide whether a project will proceed or not. A feasibility study will usually also inform the design and construction method. The decision to proceed lies with the client of course,… Read more »

Hiring a designer: important questions to ask


Profile pics from Dean, Elisa and Liam, architects on DfM.

Hiring a designer is an important decision since this person will have a huge impact on your home and the way you live for potentially a very a long time. A good personal connection is key! Yes, of course, compare quotes. But there is so much more to the decision than this, and it’s personal. You’ll… Read more »

How to get new residential projects on DfM


How to create a winning profile for new residential projects…   1. Be relevant for this market Design for Me is all about one-off private residential projects. It provides an opportunity to market directly for this part of your business. Although it may be tempting to showcase your large scale, non-resi work, this may ultimately be off-putting… Read more »