Kitchen Skylight Ideas

Skylights have the ability to naturally lighten your home to its full potential while creating an interesting architectural feature in your home. Don’t know where to start? Here is some skylight inspiration from the architects on Design for Me.

This is an example of a roof light that spans the entirety of the ceiling! This could become very, very costly if a single sheet of glass is used. Instead, it’s been broken up into sections, supported at intervals with glass ‘fins’. Image below from Architect James on Design for Me

Roof light


Natural light can brighten any room, enhancing colours and creating a bright and airy space. Here in this living room below, Rashid has used skylights and chosen a reflective (resin?) floor finish to bounce as much light around in this deep plan as possible.

Image below from Architect Rashid on Design for Me

Square Skylight


Another view of the same living room, bringing natural light into this deep, narrow room…

Skylight and Glass Door


A kitchen is the heart of your home, why not bright your kitchen to its fullest potential? A large square skylight like the one seen below adds light and space to this kitchen, which makes it appear larger than it really is. Image below from Architect Neil on Design for Me. 

Roof light


Skylights can add more than just extra light, they can add unique architectural elements to any room.  They even have a tendency to lift the ceiling (as seen in this picture), creating an even larger space. Image below from Architect Neil on Design for Me. 

Square Space with Skylight



More light and interest: An artificial alternative to skylights:


Adding artificial lights can be a good compromise if a skylight isn’t possible. As seen below, staircases have a tendency to be darkly lit, this is why adding bright pendant lights like these over your current staircase can effectively change the feel of the space.

Image below from Architect James on Design for Me.


Bulb Lights



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  1. Maggie

    I really like a lot of the skylights on this article! However, my favorite would have to be the one in the kitchen. There’s nothing quite like natural sunlight when you’re in the middle of cooking. The kitchen in my house right now doesn’t really have a lot of window space, so I would love to look into a skylight for it. At the very least, I should hire someone to let me know if something like this is possible.

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