Interior design services – how much do they cost?


In the UK, there has long been an assumption that interior design services are only for the super wealthy, who own large country piles or multi-million pound town houses. However, through websites like Design for Me, affordable interior design has become more accessible to the masses. It’s now much more common for interior design firms to offer a suite of… Read more »

Finding the most comfortable sofa bed of 2020


Best sofa bed reviews 2020 Urgh I HATE sofa beds! They’re ugly, squeaky, lumpy, the mattress is too thin, you end up wedged in the middle with your bed fellow. Then to top it all, you go and lose your glasses down the side. Not only are they uncomfortable to sleep on, they’re uncomfortable as a sofa… Read more »

10 of the best interior designers for small / home projects


Here at Design for Me, we match homeowners with the best interior designers for their home decor projects. Whether it’s a simple living room re-decoration or the complete interior design for a new build house, all of our interior designers specialise in home decor. Here’s just a small selection of some of the best interior firms and freelance interior designers… Read more »

5 bathroom design trends for the ’20s


Bathroom design trends for the 2020s Goodbye metro tiles, grey grout and geometric patterns? See you later monochrome and slick surfaces? OK, we actually still love metro tiles and monochrome and there is still a place for them in the 2020s… but the touches below are guaranteed to move the modern industrial style into a new… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Freestanding Baths


Freestanding baths

I’m designing a bathroom at the moment. I want it to feel calm, and relaxing… but also clean and modern and it’s that balance that  is key. I’m not a fan of uber modernist bathrooms with wall to wall white tiles, white tiled floor, white polished everything. I think It’s important to have some texture and colour to… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Distressed Rugs


Letting colour in… Some people feel most comfortable surrounded by neutral colours such as calming white and soft shades of grey. Others feel uplifted and energised by lots of bright colours in their homes, making a bold personal statement. I have to admit bright block colours at home unnerve me a little, and I actually find lots… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… White Flooring


white flooring

White flooring feels fresh, clean and modern as well as making small spaces feel bigger. It also provides a neutral backdrop if you’re thinking of adding bright colours to walls or showing off your artwork. Pretty much every Scandi blog you look is adorned with images of beautiful things… in a room with a white floor. Being… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Pendant Lights


Pendant Lights

We’ve found some beautiful pendant lights that would look great over a kitchen island, dining table or hallway. They are all surprisingly affordable too… high-street priced fittings masquerading as expensive designer ones! They are certainly centre pieces in any space (use them sparingly!) and bring colour and interest to any room. The pendant lights in… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Geometric Encaustic Patterned Tiles


Geometric encaustic patterned tiles

That was a bit of a mouthful. It may seem like i’m being far too specific … there are obviously so many other beautiful ceramic, porcelain, terracotta tiles out there in a variety of ornate patterns, textures and colours…. But at this moment in time, I’m particularly obsessed with anything Geometric, Encaustic and Patterned. I… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Chairs and Stools


Design for Me loves... Chairs and Stools

Our pick of beautiful chairs and stools for your home   Danish cocktail chairs By Florrie and Bill in collaboration with Flock fabrics, launches as part of a collection in July 2014. Pictured above is a 100% linen ‘Aldgate East Major – Mustard‘ by designer Lucy Rainbow.