How much does a garden designer cost?


Summer is here! Time to dust off the garden furniture, grab a good book and relax in your beautiful, well maintained garden. Not quite? OK, so it might be in need of a bit (or a lot) of TLC first… Now the question is, what do you want from your garden? Not an easy question, particularly… Read more »

Hiring a designer: important questions to ask


Profile pics from Dean, Elisa and Liam, architects on DfM.

Finding ‘The One’   “Passionate, creative (but in-experienced) WLTM someone on my wavelength to bring my dreams to life.” “Ambitious, strong-willed and opinionated seeks a good-listener with lots of patience!” “Clueless, tentative, (yet excited) seeks trustworthy, inspiring man or woman(!) who can help me realise my wants and needs!”   Ok that’s enough. I don’t want to extend… Read more »