How much value does a house extension add?


Work from Design for Me architects: (click to view their full profiles) Matt, Corin, Robert, Tom, Rashid, Giles    Is it worthwhile extending your home right now?   Planning rules have been relaxed In recent years the government have relaxed planning rules in regards to extensions. The changes have given homeowners more flexibility to improve and increase the… Read more »

House Extension Ideas by DfM Architects


Extension by Rebecca, architect registered on Design for Me

So you are thinking of extending your home? Fantastic! No idea where to start? You are not alone… Is it going to be a single or double storey extension? Glazed, render, brick? Sliding or folding doors? What about an extension with a glazed roof that will bring more daylight to your north side kitchen? Does it include… Read more »

Is it worth extending in 2023? The move or extend dilemma


Extension types

Should you move or extend your home? In this current economic climate, many people are facing challenges such as high living costs, borrowing costs, construction costs, and an uncertain housing market. As a result, the decision of whether to move or extend one’s current home is far from easy. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer… Read more »