About Design for MeMy name’s Emily and I’m the founder of Design for Me. I’m a qualified architect and have worked in residential architecture for a number of years. I’ve found that many people simply don’t know where to start looking for an architect or designer and there is common preconception that any designer would be too expensive or dismissive of private/small residential jobs. A home project can be a huge emotional and financial decision so finding the right designer early on can save time and money. They can offer reassurance and guidance throughout the whole process, including appointing a builder and managing the construction. This can save a great deal of time, money and heartache in the long run. It also ensures that budgets are spent in the best way – whether the brief is to add your personal touch, adapt a home to a family’s growing needs, or add value to your home (or all of these) the right designer will help achieve the best solution.

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Top three reasons to use a designer

1. A designer can produce a comprehensive set of drawings and specifications. These are important to communicate the design to the builder and this will ensure that the builders’ quotations are competitive and easy to compare. The drawings then form part of the building contract, resulting in less chance of surprise costs (and disputes with the builder) later on.

2. If you would like, your designer can help manage the construction phase of the project. They will ensure you have a good contract with the builder, and will oversee the work to make sure it is carried out in line with the design and specification.

3. The right designer will find the best solution for your brief – whether this is to create more space, stamp your own style on your home or add value. A home renovation project can be a big investment and a good designer will help you spend your money in the best way possible.

I’m passionate about good design and think it should be accessible to everyone, so wanted Design for Me to be approachable and simple to use. There are a range of designers on the site with varying degrees of experience, design styles and expertise. From freelance students to large established practices, the aim is to find the right fit for the project and your individual design and budget aspirations.

I also know first hand that there are many designers who are eager to find new work. Design for Me provides an effective portal to find projects suitable for their specific business. Whether they are established practices looking to broaden their client base; young practices looking to build a reputation; students wanting to take on small projects for practical experience; or freelance designers. Design for Me helps them find regular projects as and when they need them.