Permitted development rights for a two-storey extension


Two storey extension

Two storey extension above by Martin, architect on Design for Me. View his full profile and shortlist him for your project here   Do I need planning permission for a two storey extension? Two storey extensions do not require planning permission, if they fall within permitted development guidelines described below.   How big can I build… Read more »

Permitted development for barn conversions (Class Q)


barn conversion

Since 2014 barn conversions have benefitted from permitted development rights, meaning a full planning application is not required. For many, this has made barn conversions an attractive alternative to a new build. The main advantage here is speed and simplicity of gaining permission. There are other reasons that you might decide to opt for barn… Read more »

Small home projects that add value


architects for small home project

Enhancing your home’s value doesn’t need to mean major renovations or substantial investments. In fact, it can actually be easy to spend too much on a renovation project and never make that money back. However, often it’s the small, strategic improvements that can significantly elevate your property’s worth and represent the best investment over large… Read more »

When should you hire an architect?


Kitchen extension

For residential projects like extensions, renovations and new builds, architects are usually hired after a client: has a rough idea of the brief, even if it’s still vague, e.g. ‘We’d like a larger open-plan kitchen’ or ‘We need an extra bedroom’ has set an outline budget and knows how it will be financed is in ownership of the property/land.*   *Can… Read more »

What are the minimum room sizes for a house?


There are no universal space standards for homes in the UK nor are there universal minimum room sizes. Instead, there are regulations that exist for different circumstances and project types. In any home building or renovation project, the two main statutory obligations you will need to fulfil are planning permission and building regulations approval (building… Read more »

Five Simple Decorating Tips for Homeowners in 2023


Sponsored post If you want to redecorate this year and make your home more inspiring – more you – here are some simple tips to help.    1. Add an entertainment wall  Entertainment walls are a popular feature of many living rooms and are a fierce competitor of the classic feature fireplace as the key… Read more »

Can I build an extension without permission?


Bristol residential Architect

Can I build a home extension without permission? The short answer is no; at the very minimum, you will need to get building control approval so you can’t build your extension entirely without permission. However, it could be very straightforward to obtain and does not need to delay you getting started (see below). The other… Read more »

Do I need planning permission to convert my garage?


You wouldn’t usually need planning permission to convert your garage into additional living space, provided that the space won’t be used as a separate dwelling and the works are all internal. These permitted development rights for a garage conversion will only apply where permitted development rights have not been removed (see below).   Converting a… Read more »

The Influence of Furniture in ‘Parasite’ on Modern Interior Design Trends


In the vibrant and provocative world of cinema, the 2019 South Korean film “Parasite” not only garnered global acclaim for its gripping narrative and exceptional storytelling but subtly etched a strong influence on modern interior design trends.    When the South Korean film, “Parasite,” won several awards at the Oscars 2020, many people were fascinated… Read more »

Do I need both planning permission and listed building consent?


Listed building consent

Listed building consent is a crucial aspect of owning and maintaining a listed property. The need for listed building consent can be triggered for minor or internal alterations—anything that involves the demolition, modification, or expansion of a listed building that could impact its unique architectural or historical significance. See our article here for house renovations… Read more »