How to find the best house extension architect in your area


best house extension architect

Finding the best house extension architect Here at Design for Me, we are experts in matching and connecting homeowners with the best house extension architect for their particular project. We have put together our top tips for finding the perfect architect for your house extension and how to avoid common pitfalls. Extension image above from… Read more »

How to get planning permission for a new build house


There are a number of different routes to gaining planning permission for a new build house. This article explains the different options that are available to help you decide which route is right for your particular project and circumstances. Featured image above – self-build design by Stephen, architect from Southwark. Click here to see more… Read more »

What is custom build?


It’s common to confuse custom build and self build – many people assume the terms are interchangeable. It all boils down to how much a developer is involved. A custom build house is somewhere between a self-build house and a developer-built new build. Self-build = no developer involvement Custom build = some developer involvement Traditional… Read more »

How much does a self-build house cost?


Self Build Architects from Design for Me. From Left to Right - Jake,Mark,Lucy,James,Liam,Felix

(Self Build Architects from Design for Me. From Left to Right – Jake, Mark, Lucy, James, Liam, Felix) Ever dreamed about having a house designed just for you? How good would it be to have control over the shape of every room, materials, fittings and fixtures! You ‘bespoke’ means ‘expensive’ but it might be more affordable than you think… especially when you consider there… Read more »

How to get planning permission for a self-build house?



Self-building is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Government incentives such as the Help to Build Loan have been recently introduced, to make the self-build process easier and more affordable, with an aim help to ease the affordable homes shortage in the UK.   Design above by Edward, architect from Nottingham, East Midlands. Click here… Read more »

A guide to listed building consent


barn conversion

What is Listed Building Consent?  Listed building consent is s a form of planning regulation aimed at safeguarding structures with remarkable architectural or historical value. These protective measures complement the standard planning regulations in place. Moreover, listed building designation can trigger the need for planning permission in situations where it would not typically be mandated—such… Read more »

Prefabricated Self-Build Ideas from DfM


Prefabricated self-builds, also known as ‘modular’ or ‘kit’ homes, have been around the UK since the 1920’s, but have only recently surged in popularity among home builders. So why the big fuss all of a sudden? Essentially, the shell, or exterior of these modular homes are constructed in a factory and then dropped onsite for… Read more »

Do garden rooms add value?


garden office

Garden rooms can add significant value to your property. Not only will they increase the square footage to your home in a cost-effective way, they also provide the separation that homeowners now desire in a home office. They have become incredibly popular, particularly as more people now work from home. This need for an additional… Read more »

Advantages of a Timber Frame Self-Build


You have finally found the perfect plot to build on, have set a proper budget for your project, and are now ready to select a building material. Believe it or not, many UK homeowners in your shoes are turning away from brick and steel in favour of a different material…timber! That’s right, there has been… Read more »

Eco-design principles for your self-build


Title image from Edward, architect from Tooting Bec, London. See his full profile and shortlist him for your project here.   Why Sustainable Design? Planning your dream eco-home? We’ve put together a brief summary of the main eco-design principles to follow when designing your new home. Most of us would agree that it is important… Read more »