Home extension project management – do I need a project manager?


Project manager for a house extension

Do I need a project manager for a house extension? In the construction industry the term ‘project manager’ often gets confused. For a house extension, a ‘project manager’ role is not typical and could be superfluous to requirements if you have a good architect and a good main contractor.   Featured image above from Andreas,… Read more »

Do I need a structural engineer or an architect?


structural engineer or architect

If you are starting to plan your home extension or renovation project, you might be wondering if you should hire a structural engineer or an architect. For most home extensions or renovation projects, you will usually require both an architect and a structural engineer.   Featured image from Will, architect in Brighton. See his full… Read more »

What is a feasibility study?


Do I need a feasibility study? All projects, big or small, will go through the feasibility phase; which is basically a research phase to help decide whether a project will proceed or not. A feasibility study will usually also inform the design and construction method. The decision to proceed lies with the client of course,… Read more »

Architect AND interior designer – do I need both?


Interior architecture

This is a source of confusion for many clients. Generally speaking, an architect will design the external shell of the building (walls, roof, windows, etc) and an interior designer would design and specify the interior decoration, furniture and fittings. The work that sits in between – space planning of rooms, finishes and fixtures – could… Read more »

Hiring a designer: important questions to ask


Profile pics from Dean, Elisa and Liam, architects on DfM.

Hiring a designer is an important decision since this person will have a huge impact on your home and the way you live for potentially a very a long time. A good personal connection is key! Yes, of course, compare quotes. But there is so much more to the decision than this, and it’s personal. You’ll… Read more »

How to get new residential projects on DfM


How to create a winning profile for new residential projects…   1. Be relevant for this market Design for Me is all about one-off private residential projects. It provides an opportunity to market directly for this part of your business. Although it may be tempting to showcase your large scale, non-residential work, this may ultimately be off-putting… Read more »

Design for Me helps Architects and Designers find new residential projects


Projects posted by homeowners on DfM

Finding a constant stream of interesting new residential projects is not always easy. Design for Me was set up to provide a platform for architects and designers to find (and actually choose) new projects suitable for them!  For homeowners, it makes the process of finding a design professional more straightforward and accessible for residential projects. They can post their projects to the site… Read more »

How to write an architectural brief


This simple guide – ‘how to write an architectural brief’ – is aimed at homeowners planning a house extension, renovation or a self-build house.   As an architect myself, I created this platform – Design for Me – to help homeowners find the best residential architect for their particular project. It’s free to use and we’re on… Read more »

Do I need an architect or interior designer?


Do I need an architect or an interior designer? This is a frequently asked question here at Design for Me. Sometimes the answer is very clear cut but often there’s a grey area! So be re-assured that it’s not a very silly question. I’ve worked as both an architect and an interior designer in my… Read more »

How to choose an interior designer


How to choose an interior designer This probably the most important decision you’ll need to make during the entire project. You’re about to invest a great deal in this project and so it’s important you get the very best for your budget. So how do you choose an interior designer? We’ve put together the top ten considerations… Read more »