How to create a winning profile for new residential projects…


1. Be relevant for this market

Design for Me is all about one-off private residential projects. It provides an opportunity to market directly for this part of your business.

Although it may be tempting to showcase your large scale, non-residential work, this may ultimately be off-putting to these clients.

We’ve also found that domestic/private clients feel much more comfortable connecting with a person than a company. So it’s important to keep your description personal to you. Give some details about yourself and how you work as a designer. Try and keep it friendly, simple and accessible.


2. Consider your images…

From observing how clients use the site, they are much more likely to make decisions based on your images than anything else. So again, be relevant and try to include images of finished spaces as opposed to models or sketches of building sites(!)

And if you don’t have any images yet it’s unlikely that they will look at your profile at all! We also boost the % match score for profiles with images so they appear at the top of a client’s search page.

 …and your profile picture

Seeing a face makes your profile human and approachable. The clients really like this feature so remember to smile! Again, if you don’t have one, make this a priority.


3. Shortlist projects

A client can only contact you if you have shortlisted their project first. It is set up like this so there is genuine interest from both parties before you meet, saving you (and them) from receiving unwanted enquiries. We’ll send you projects by email that we think you’d be interested in. But also check in 1-2 times a week to see if there are any new projects you’d like to work on.


4. Add testimonials

You asked for it in our ‘feedback forum’ and we listened. This has also been a popular request from homeowners, to help them choose who to invite for a consultation.

It’s still possible for clients you’ve met on Design for Me to leave you a review too. But now, you can add up to 3 testimonials from your other happy clients. Visit your Edit Profile page to add them.


5. Finally, follow us to get updates of all new projects

By following us on social media we will keep you updated about new projects posted by homeowners. Just select your preferred channel below…

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