How Much Does a House Extension Cost in London / South East?


Cost of an extension London

London house extensions by Design for Me architects. Click on the images to see their profiles and shortlist them for your job.   Calculating your house extension cost in London / South East We have already written a post already on house extension costs here, but we thought it would be helpful to have a… Read more »

Can I build an extension without permission?


Bristol residential Architect

Can I build a home extension without permission? The short answer is no; at the very minimum, you will need to get building control approval so you can’t build your extension entirely without permission. However, it could be very straightforward to obtain and does not need to delay you getting started (see below). The other… Read more »

Building control regulations for an extension


Hammersmith extension architect

Do you need building control approval for an extension? If you’re planning to extend your home, you will need to comply with the building regulations. This is a legal requirement and, without formal approval and control, your local council could force you open up or re-build sometimes significant aspects of the project. It could even… Read more »

Should I pay for planning pre-application advice?


Is it worth getting planning pre-application advice? One of the first hurdles in any home renovation project is obtaining planning permission. Most councils offer a pre-application advice service to homeowners. But is it necessary? It depends on your project and comes down to three things: cost, time and, of course, getting approval for a design… Read more »

How big can I build an extension without planning permission?


side extension side extension

  Above: Extensions by architects on Design for Me. Click on the image to see their full profile and shortlist them for your project.   How big can you build an extension without planning? The permitted development rules have recently been relaxed, allowing you to build an extension without planning permission of up to six metres (or… Read more »

How much does a house renovation cost in 2022?


Renovation cost

Rising construction costs in the UK are now common knowledge. In the last two years, material shortages and supply chain issues due to the pandemic caused sharp rises in material costs. While this problem has subsided, other factors such as inflation, Brexit and the war in Ukraine have pushed prices up even further. Not only… Read more »

Modern kitchen designs – five of the most stylish kitchen companies (in pictures)


Modern kitchen designs Many of our homeowners who use Design for Me are on the lookout for fabulous modern kitchen designs that are simple, stylish, good quality and reasonably priced. So, we have searched far and wide and whittled it down to our top five modern kitchen companies. You are welcome! Pluck (See main featured image above) Kitchens designed and… Read more »

Black steel framed doors and windows – ideas for your home extension


Move over PVC bi-fold doors, it’s all about stylish, black steel framed doors and windows! The traditional variety are generally known to be thermally inefficient and expensive. However, there are many new companies on the market, whose products can be much more thermally efficient and cost effective, and we’ve listed some below to get you started. How much do steel doors and… Read more »