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What is the Neighbour Consultation Scheme?

The Neighbour Consultation Scheme is part of the ‘Prior Approval: Larger Home Extensions’ application. It allows neighbouring properties to be informed about ‘larger’ home extensions that fall within the permitted development rules. In the event that your neighbours express concerns or objections, the local authority will assess whether the proposed project’s impact on the surrounding properties’ amenity is deemed acceptable. This evaluation will determine whether the project can proceed or not.


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What counts as a ‘Larger Extension’ under permitted development?

Under permitted development legislation, householders are now able to build larger single-storey rear extensions in certain circumstances. Previously, extensions under permitted development should not extend more than three metres beyond the original house (or four metres if detached). The measurement will include any previous extensions completed after 1st July 1948. However, this has recently been increased to six metres (eight metres for a detached house).

If you are planning to extend more than four metres (or six if a detached house), you will need to submit a ‘Prior Approval: Larger Home Extension’ application before you start work.


Can you extend by six* metres in a conservation area?

*or eight for a detached house.

No, unfortunately not without planning permission. The larger home extension allowance of six metres under permitted development does not apply if your property is in:

  • a site of specific interest
  • a conservation area
  • an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • an area specified by the Secretary of State for the purposes of enhancement and protection of natural beauty and amenity of the countryside
  • the Broads
  • a National Park or World Heritage Site.


How much does the Prior Approval process for a larger extension cost?

The application fee for a ‘Prior Approval: Larger Home Extension’ application is £96.


How long does the Prior Approval process for a larger extension take?

The determination period ends 42 days after the application is received by the local authority.


What does a Prior Approval: Larger Home Extension application involve?

The application should include:

  • a written description of the proposal, including depth and height details – particularly distance from original wall, height of the extension, and height of the eaves;
  • a site plan showing the proposed development;
  • addresses of adjoining properties;
  • applicant’s contact details.


Prior Approval: Larger Home Extension – which neighbours will be notified by the council?

All adjoining owners – which will include the neighbour(s) at the rear – if you share a boundary.


Can you appeal a Prior Approval: Larger Home Extension application?

Yes, you can appeal a Larger Home Extension application.


Please note that this guide serves as an introduction and should not be considered as a comprehensive legal resource. Always check with your local planning authority before starting work as local differences can apply. 


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