How much value does a house extension add?


Work from Design for Me architects: (click to view their full profiles) Matt, Corin, Robert, Tom, Rashid, Giles    Is it worthwhile extending your home right now?   Planning rules have been relaxed In recent years the government have relaxed planning rules in regards to extensions. The changes have given homeowners more flexibility to improve and increase the… Read more »

How to get planning permission for a self-build house?



Self-building is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Government incentives such as the Help to Build Loan have been recently introduced, to make the self-build process easier and more affordable, with an aim help to ease the affordable homes shortage in the UK.   Design above by Edward, architect from Nottingham, East Midlands. Click here… Read more »

How much does a side return extension cost?


A side return extension can be a really cost-effective way of creating more space and adding value to your property without eating into your precious garden space. It can transform a narrow kitchen into the most amazing living / dining area – even becoming the social hub of your family home! But how much does a side return extension cost?… Read more »

Side Return Extensions: Advice & Inspiration


What is a side return extension?   Side return extensions are most common in Victorian terrace houses where the original building leaves a strip of land on the side of the house making an L shaped garden. If you have lived in a house like this you are aware of how useless this dark, dingy passageway is…. Read more »

Loft extension ideas and inspiration


Loft extension ideas – from Design for Me’s architects and designers Here are some of the best loft extension ideas from our architects and designers on Design for Me. Click on the images below to see their full profiles and see if they’re interested in working on your next home project by posting your home… Read more »

House extension cost calculator 2022



A simple house extension calculator to help you plan your budget. These figures have been updated in 2022 following recent price increases in construction costs, according to a survey of architects and designers on Design for Me.   Image above by Simon and Jon architects on Design for Me. See their full profile and shortlist… Read more »

Do garden rooms add value?


garden office

Garden rooms can add significant value to your property. Not only will they increase the square footage to your home in a cost-effective way, they also provide the separation that homeowners now desire in a home office. They have become incredibly popular, particularly as more people now work from home. This need for an additional… Read more »

Basement extension ideas and inspiration


Basement extension ideas – from Design for Me’s architects and designers Where space comes at a high price – which is certainly the case in many parts of London – a basement extension can be a brilliant way to add habitable living space, and can dramatically increase the value of a property. Alternatively digging down,… Read more »

Interior designers in Birmingham and West Midlands


Interior designers in Birmingham

Home renovation interior designers in Birmingham and West Midlands If you’re renovating, re-decorating or re-furbishing, finding the right interior designer can be the critical first step. We’ve compiled some of the best interior designers in Birmingham and the West Midlands to give you a starting point, and hopefully provide a little inspiration too. The West Midlands… Read more »

Exterior sliding / folding doors – design inspiration


Folding doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, concertina doors… what’s the difference? Folding doors, bifold doors, concertina doors, patio doors… there seem to be so many names for these glazed doors that open out to your garden but essentially they mean the same thing! Fully glazed doors have become incredibly popular and are a bit of… Read more »