What are the new building regulations for homes?


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In June 2022, new changes to the building regulations came into effect. For all new homes, the main changes involve finding more carbon-efficient ways to heat our homes, improving their thermal efficiency, reducing overheating, and preparing to accommodate electric vehicle charging. There also some changes that will affect extension and renovation projects too (see below)…. Read more »

How to prepare for your first meeting with an architect


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Preparing for your first meeting with an architect can be an exciting but overwhelming experience, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. However, with some preparation, you can make the most out of the meeting and ensure that you get the best results possible. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how… Read more »

Single storey extension ideas


Extension design above by Daniel, an architect in Islington, London. Click on the image to see his profile and shortlist him for your project.    House extension ideas – inspiration for your single storey extension Design for Me has a community of hundreds of architects and architectural designers all across the country and we’ve complied the… Read more »

Permitted development rights for a two-storey extension


Two storey extension

Two storey extension above by Martin, architect on Design for Me. View his full profile and shortlist him for your project here   Do I need planning permission for a two storey extension? Two storey extensions do not require planning permission, if they fall within permitted development guidelines described below.   How big can I build… Read more »

Extension and renovation finance options – a simple guide to home loans


There are a zillion articles online about finance options for home renovations and extensions, but most of them are written (or sponsored) by finance providers. This is one is not and is intended as a broad overview of the options available to you. The content in this article is for informational purposes only, you should… Read more »

Can I build an extension without permission?


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Can I build a home extension without permission? The short answer is no; at the very minimum, you will need to get building control approval so you can’t build your extension entirely without permission. However, it could be very straightforward to obtain and does not need to delay you getting started (see below). The other… Read more »

Do I need both planning permission and listed building consent?


Listed building consent

Listed building consent is a crucial aspect of owning and maintaining a listed property. The need for listed building consent can be triggered for minor or internal alterations—anything that involves the demolition, modification, or expansion of a listed building that could impact its unique architectural or historical significance. See our article here for house renovations… Read more »

Building control regulations for an extension


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Do you need building control approval for an extension? If you’re planning to extend your home, you will need to comply with the building regulations. This is a legal requirement and, without formal approval and control, your local council could force you open up or re-build sometimes significant aspects of the project. It could even… Read more »

Should I pay for planning pre-application advice?


Is it worth getting planning pre-application advice? One of the first hurdles in any home renovation project is obtaining planning permission. Most councils offer a pre-application advice service to homeowners. But is it necessary? It depends on your project and comes down to three things: cost, time and, of course, getting approval for a design… Read more »

How big can I build an extension without planning permission?


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  Above: Extensions by architects on Design for Me. Click on the image to see their full profile and shortlist them for your project.   How big can you build an extension without planning? The permitted development rules have recently been relaxed, allowing you to build an extension without planning permission of up to six metres (or… Read more »