Expert tips to cut your house extension costs


Cut your extension costs – tips from the experts In another recent article, we looked at prices for real-life house extensions, provided by architects on Design for Me, and gave a cost per square metre rate as guidance for your project: Renovation and extension cost per square metre A great design professional can be worth their weight in gold; they… Read more »

What is an interior architect? (And how to find one for your renovation project.)


Interior architect

The title ‘interior architect’ is used frequently in the architecture/design industry, even though it isn’t a title that is officially recognised or regulated. It’s usually adopted by either: a qualified architect who specialises or works only with the interior elements of construction, or an interior designer who is also a qualified architect. The title of… Read more »

When should you hire an architect?


Kitchen extension

For residential projects like extensions, renovations and new builds, architects are usually hired after a client: has a rough idea of the brief, even if it’s still vague, e.g. ‘We’d like a larger open-plan kitchen’ or ‘We need an extra bedroom’ has set an outline budget and knows how it will be financed is in ownership of the property/land.*   *Can… Read more »

Extension and renovation finance options – a simple guide to home loans


There are a zillion articles online about finance options for home renovations and extensions, but most of them are written (or sponsored) by finance providers. This is one is not and is intended as a broad overview of the options available to you. The content in this article is for informational purposes only, you should… Read more »

The Influence of Furniture in ‘Parasite’ on Modern Interior Design Trends


In the vibrant and provocative world of cinema, the 2019 South Korean film “Parasite” not only garnered global acclaim for its gripping narrative and exceptional storytelling but subtly etched a strong influence on modern interior design trends.    When the South Korean film, “Parasite,” won several awards at the Oscars 2020, many people were fascinated… Read more »

Seven rental home improvements you don’t need permission for


One of the perks of purchasing a home is the opportunity to remove or change anything you don’t like about it. Renters, however, don’t have the same privileges and are usually much more restricted in what they can and can’t do. But there are a few alterations you can make, with the peace of mind… Read more »

When to Choose Grey or White Wood Flooring


white wood flooring

  There’s no doubt that grey and white wood floors are proving to be a massive hit at present. A wooden floor has become the norm – it’s beautiful, sustainable, hygienic and classic. But before grey and white wood flooring became so popular, the real flooring innovation happened below the level of colour, at the point where engineered… Read more »

Do I need an architect for a renovation?


Interior architecture

In short, no – there’s no legal requirement to engage an architect for a renovation project. The key consideration is the value that a design professional could bring to your project.  A skilled home design professional can help you optimise your project, offering advice on budget allocation, navigating regulations, selecting a builder, and overseeing their… Read more »

Can I replace or add windows without planning permission?


Planning permission is not required to replace windows if they are similar in appearance to those used in the construction of the house, unless your property is listed, in a designated area or has a relevant Article 4 Direction (see the exceptions below).   Can I add new windows and doors without planning permission?  Most*… Read more »

Kitchen Renovation Ideas from DfM


Keeping it Simple on a Budget Did you know that only 9% of homeowners in a recent survey made it under their budget (according to Which)?! But don’t worry, the team at Design for Me has assembled some tips on renovating your kitchen on a budget, but keeping it super stylish at the same time!… Read more »