I have a great passion for converting every single place to an attractive, functional and comfortable place so all people can enjoy every second of their lives there, whether it's your office space, a restaurant or a lobby you will spend hours to relax and be with friends, or your home to enjoy with your family … That’s the main and first reason I get up every morning with the patience to discover new, creative and innovative ideas and do everything I can to help my clients have such an environment.


Loft conversions, Kitchens, Sustainable design, Extensions, Planning applications, Re-planning / Internal alterations, New builds, Accessible design

Mary is a very talented individual with an eye for uniqueness and originality in her work from concept design through a professionally layout design approval process until the design is complete for the bidding construction on small to very large projects.

Mary has worked on many projects for me and I would highly recommend her on projects that you want great work done at a very competitive price model. Mary is the one for your project!

Sherman McLeod Cofounder & President/CEO at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute School Project
[Mary's practice) has been a lifesaver in designing out the entire building and office space. They are patient and take the time to truly understand what we were looking for, even when we didn’t know ourselves. Instead of pushing their design ideas on us, they listened and kept making changes along the way until we landing on the perfect design! I can say enough great things about the team and support they gave us along the way.”
Brad Benedetti Founder at Kaseify
I hired [Mary's practice] for 2 projects in 2016 (February and November). This was for some 3D render images of 5 houses we were building, which were completed by using the original architect’s CAD files and plans. The standard of work for the 2 projects we worked on together was very high and I would have no problem recommending this company. Deadlines were met and we used these designs in all our promotional literature.”
James H

Architectural Designer

Level of experience

5+ years experience

Registered architect



Westminster, London

Distance preference

I don't mind

Company type:

Freelance individual

Preferred project Budget

£0 - £500,000+