Asha and Andrew are an interior design duo. We work collaboratively with our clients to establish the right solutions for them, through palette, materials, form, layout, sourcing and bespoke design.

We are inspired by the world around us and how people live within it. We use history, architecture and culture to inform our designs, and work hard to understand our clients' needs and style.


Design only

I bought my flat 10 years ago & replaced the kitchen and bathroom, painted the walls neutrally and then ran out of steam! A couple of years ago I wanted to revamp the whole place, giving a nod to its Art Deco heritage and making it feel stylish and luxurious while also making it feel homely. I wanted to remove all visible clutter and adopt a more streamlined (rather than minimalist - I have too much stuff!) approach which meant having just the right amount of decorative items, the kind I always admired in magazine pages but thought was in achievable in the average home.

Asha & Andy talked through my aspirations for the flat & were really keen to understand how I wanted my place to feel, rather than what colours I liked. We went room by room and talked through how I use the room in my lifestyle and how I wanted it to make me feel when I was in it. I’d never considered this before, but it was transformational in terms of then thinking about what we wanted to create.

They created mood boards as a starting place and we openly discussed what I liked & didn’t like. They encouraged me to trust that some of the bolder themes - paining my entire lounge in Hague Blue - could work in my flat because of the large windows and natural light and it’s now my favourite room in the house. They were also incredible at layering the room and selecting patterns and textures and colours that were all complimentary yet different and make it feel stylish yet cosy.

We also ‘jujjed’ my kitchen & bathroom by painting the walls in tonal shades & accessorising. I have 6 wall colours across 7 rooms (including the hall) yet they are all only subtly different and play to the different aspects of the flat & the light that fills them.

I never thought I’d have a home that would look like the magazine shots yet they’ve helped me create my dream home that my friends always compliment me on - so they’ve got their hands busy now working their way through those referrals!

Rekha, Apartment Redesign in Richmond
[The team] are exceptionally professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They listened and understood our brief perfectly and fulfilled it so creatively - I would never have been able to come up with such a well designed, creative use of the space myself. I would definitely recommend them for your design projects. We will be using them again in the future for sure.
Jamie, Cafe Design in Bermondsey
Andrew and Asha are great interior designers! They are professional, efficient, and dedicated. They understand the local customers well and put their feet into the business's shoes. Before partnership, they were committed to the preparation and due diligence. We had great time working with the team and would highly recommend them to any business! Through the work, we had become friends! They are not only high skilled professionals, but great people! You cannot go wrong with them.
Yan, Manager at Buy & Bite

Interior designer

Level of experience

5+ years experience


Folkestone and Hythe, South East

Distance preference

50 miles

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Preferred project Budget

£20,000 - £500,000+