When to Choose Grey or White Wood Flooring


white wood flooring

  There’s no doubt that grey and white wood floors are proving to be a massive hit at present. A wooden floor has become the norm – it’s beautiful, sustainable, hygienic and classic. But before grey and white wood flooring became so popular, the real flooring innovation happened below the level of colour, at the point where engineered… Read more »

How to Build Your Own House


Self Build House

A Simple Guide to Getting Started Self-build projects have been known to be expensive and intimidating, although over the last few years, building your own home has gotten a lot easier. There are over 6 million people in the UK who want to build their own home and over 1 million in progress, according to This Is Money. Now… Read more »

Kitchen Renovation Ideas from DfM


Keeping it Simple on a Budget Did you know that only 9% of homeowners in a recent survey made it under their budget (according to Which)?! But don’t worry, the team at Design for Me has assembled some tips on renovating your kitchen on a budget, but keeping it super stylish at the same time!… Read more »

What are the best winter garden plants?


How to get the most out of your garden this winter Winter is the time your garden slumbers, riding out the worse that the British weather can throw at it, from heavy rain to sub-zero temperatures. It is the season in which we curl up in front of the fire, warm, cosy and protected against… Read more »

How to use LED lighting efficiently in your home


Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of your home building or renovation project, but is too often an after-thought. The advantages of LED lighting are now well known and, in fact, it may be compulsory that you choose LED to meet building code standards. But it’s not just the position of the lights that… Read more »

Should I choose solid or engineered wood flooring?


Which one to choose: solid or engineered wood floor? Choosing the finishes for your home project can be the most exciting part. Floors in particular can dramatically change the overall look of your new extension, so it’s important to get it right. People are increasingly opting for timber flooring over carpet for a look that’s… Read more »

Find the best interior design companies for your house


Whether you’re planning a whole house renovation or a single room makeover, consulting an interior designer can make the world of difference to the end result. Here at Design for Me we specialise in helping homeowners find the right interior design companies for their job. Many homeowners don’t know if they require an interior designer… Read more »

Glass Staircases : Advice & Inspiration


Glass is a material that has long been used in all kinds of structural applications. In spite on its fragility, glass is known to be robust and strong. In the right hands, with the right balustrade components and fixings glass can be used for just about anything. Unsurprisingly, homeowners are now finding that glass is… Read more »

Loans for Self-Build | A simple summary


Self Build Architects from Design for Me. From Left to Right - Jake,Mark,Lucy,James,Liam,Felix

Financing your self-build If you’re thinking of starting a self-build project, aside from the dreams of your ideal home, one of your first (practical) thoughts will likely be ‘how much will it cost?’ and ‘how can I find the money?’ There is a huge amount of very detailed information out there regarding loans for self-build, and getting an understanding of… Read more »