What’s the difference between planning permission and building regulations?


Planning permission and building regulations

In summary, planning permission relates to the development’s impact on its surrounding environment whereas building regulations ensure that the development is structurally safe, accessible, sustainable and considers the health and safety of its occupants.   Featured image above – extension by Peter, architect in Bournemouth. See more and shortlist him for your home project here…. Read more »

How to choose an interior designer


How to choose an interior designer This probably the most important decision you’ll need to make during the entire project. You’re about to invest a great deal in this project and so it’s important you get the very best for your budget. So how do you choose an interior designer? We’ve put together the top ten considerations… Read more »

How Much Does a Party Wall Surveyor Cost?


A Party Wall surveyor typically costs around £1,000 +VAT for a simple extension project. On some projects, two or even three surveyors are needed – particularly on more complex home projects such as basement extensions. In this case, the costs could be up to £6,000. Extension above by Bianca, architect in London. See more of… Read more »

10 Questions to Ask an Architect in an Interview


extension architect

Interviewing an architect is a crucial step in hiring the right professional for your home project. To ensure you find the perfect fit, it’s important to know what questions to ask an architect during the interview process. This article gives 10 of the most common questions that will help you evaluate an architect’s qualifications, experience,… Read more »

How to Make the Most of Your Garage


Many of us have garages attached to our homes, but often we neglect them, treating them as unimportant utility spaces where un-wanted items pile up over time. Considering the premium value of space in our homes, it’s worth exploring the potential of renovating our garages to serve a practical purpose. Here are some ideas on… Read more »

A short guide to conversions – change of use to residential


Finding plots in London and other major UK cities With empty plots of land being difficult and often very expensive to come by, it’s no wonder that many self-builders and renovators instead convert an existing building into their dream home, applying for a change of use to residential. This is particularly of interest in the UK’s… Read more »

Do I need planning permission for a garden room?


Do I need planning permission for a garden room? Garden rooms or buildings do not require planning permission, if they fall within permitted development guidelines. To classify as an ‘outbuilding’ under permitted development rules, it must not contain sleeping accommodation and must be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m. There are a few… Read more »

Architect cost calculator


architects fees

Architects’ fees calculator As a basic rule of thumb for private residential projects, a residential architect typically charges between 10-12% of the construction cost for full architectural services. Use our architect cost calculator below to estimate how much your architect may cost. We have also developed an extension cost calculator, which you can use here…. Read more »