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Online architecture services have been growing in popularity. Some architecture firms have even specialised in offering online architecture services.  Home & Maker architects are one of them and they have given us the lowdown on how it works and how it could benefit your next home project. 

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The Benefits of choosing an Online Architect

By Jen at Home&Maker

As technology advances and the world leans towards cost-effective, convenient solutions, it’s no surprise people are seeking new methods when planning their home renovations.

Gone are the days of stuffy offices, spiralling fees and frustrating waiting lists for a home visit. Well actually, you can still take that route… but there’s now an alternative: online architecture. Allow us to tell you why we think it’s pretty great.



It used to be that your only option was meeting face to face with a local architect – meaning waiting for their availability to visit your property, prolonged meetings, lots of back and forth and, often, a much slower process. Online alternatives offer a refreshingly modern, convenient service to work around your busy lifestyle – with many offering late night consultations and video calls during lunch breaks. But remote services aren’t for everyone – if you prefer an in-person approach, choose an online architect who offers optional site visits and surveys.



Traditional architects charge between 7.5-10% of the total build cost (meaning an extension project costing £80,000 to build could cost up to £8,000 in fees). Online firms often work remotely, saving on operational cost and therefore making online architects more affordable. For instance, extension projects by Home & Maker start from just £1,260.


Free Advice

Some online architecture practices even offer free consultations, which is a perfect opportunity to get started on your project planning and a great way to get advice and inspiration.



When searching for an online architect, we strongly advise checking their accreditations. RIBA is the Royal Institute of British Architects, delivering the highest professional and ethical standards. And by law, anyone describing them as an architect must be qualified, insured and registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). Many companies operate without these accreditations, so it is always worth asking the question.



Last but certainly not least – all architects are obliged to complete a post occupancy evaluation, but would you believe us if we told you only 3% of architects actually do this? It is important to choose an architect who will stay with you beyond the planning stage and into your build, to ensure the drawings they have provided work perfectly for you – so look for an architect who offers aftercare. Trust us. It’s a must.

Home & Maker Architects are a great place to start when beginning your search for an online architect. RIBA Chartered and ARB registered, Home & Maker are online architects serving nationwide. Their founder Isabella Webb has also recently been nominated for the Forbes 30 under 30 awards.

Shortlist Home & Maker today to get the ball rolling on your home renovation project.


Jen Home & Maker



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