A Guide to Renovating a Rented House


Except with the landlord’s permission, tenants may not make significant changes to the property or install new main fixtures. The lease terms and the landlord’s written consent are required for any modifications in a rental property. You can approach the landlord about upgrades if you have a good relationship with them. Since most property owners… Read more »

How to find a neighbour’s planning application


find a planning application

For anyone starting a new extension or building project, researching what others have done in your local area is an excellent place to start.   Image above from Ahmed, architect from Hackney, London. Click here to see more and shortlist them for your home project. Finding a neighbour’s planning application It’s likely that other properties… Read more »

Renovating a grade II listed house – what can you do without permission?


barn conversion

If you own a Grade II listed home you are probably aware that renovating, altering or extending your home will involve more red tape than usual. Not only this, you will be more restricted in what you can do. The privilege of owning listed property comes with a responsibility to protect its special qualities. However,… Read more »

How to store furniture during a home renovation


Furniture storage

Renovation is both exciting and challenging. This home improvement process involves a lot of moving parts. There are many logistics to consider if you want to keep everything under control.  Whether you’re converting a part of your home or doing a major overhaul, part of the logistics is knowing where you’ll keep all your furniture… Read more »

Five reasons to hire an architect for your self-build


Self-build inspiration

So you have finally settled on that perfect plot of land and have started brainstorming a vision for your ideal self-build. Wait a minute! Although the temptation to do as much on your own as possible is admirable, we have often found that it is risky business that can be devastating in the long run. Instead,… Read more »

How to plan a loft conversion – the dos and don’ts


loft conversion

Loft conversion pictured above by Stephen, interior designer from Hackney, London. Click here see more and shortlist him for your home project.   Loft conversions add valuable living space to a home – whether you need an extra bedroom, creative space or home office. Loft conversions can also add 20% onto the value of a… Read more »

What is ‘Right to Build’?


What is ‘Right to Build’? Very simply, ‘Right to Build’ is a Government initiative (since 2016), encouraging more custom-build homes in the UK. It comes in response to the difficulty custom builders face in finding suitable land. ‘Right to Build’ gives custom builders the right to purchase a plot from a local council, who have an… Read more »

Insulating concrete formwork (ICF) for self builds


What is insulating concrete formwork (ICF)? Insulating concrete formwork consists of hollow polystyrene panels or blocks that fit into each other (like LEGO). Concrete is then poured into them to create a solid structure. The polystyrene elements form the shape of the walls, as well as providing insulation.   Insulating concrete formwork on Grand Designs… Read more »

How much do Interior Designers charge?


How much do Interior Designers charge? If you’ve already researched interior designer’s fees online, you may have discovered how difficult it is to find industry standards or rules of thumb; a good general estimate is difficult to find… The cost of your interior designer will depend on several things, such as their experience and expertise, but also the… Read more »