Do you need permission for a basement conversion?


basement conversion

Is it a basement extension or a basement conversion? There are many reasons why basement conversions are so popular in London. But before we get into what permissions you might need for a basement conversion, we’ll explain how we differentiate between a basement conversion and a basement extension. If you are planning to extend or… Read more »

What are the planning rules for basement extensions?


Planning rules for basement extensions Before we delve into the nitty gritty of planning rules for basement extensions, it’s worth checking whether your basement extension will require permission at all. If you’re unsure, you can see these articles: Do I need planning permission for a basement extension?  Do you need planning permission for a basement… Read more »

Why do planning applications get refused? (Private house projects)


Mansard roof extension with terrace

It conflicts with national or local planning policy Before buying a house or embarking on your extension project, it’s a really good idea to look into the likelihood of gaining planning approval for your dream home. The most hard-lined reason for refusal is that the proposal fundamentally conflicts with either national or local planning policy,… Read more »

Do I need planning permission for a basement extension?


basement extension

Do I need planning permission for a basement extension? Basement extensions are one of the more ambiguous projects when it comes to planning consent and unfortunately it’s not a straight yes or no. Nationally, the planning rules around forming living accommodation in basements is ever changing and under review. Local councils will also have their… Read more »

How to get planning permission for a self-build house?



Self-building is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Government incentives such as the Help to Build Loan have been recently introduced, to make the self-build process easier and more affordable, with an aim help to ease the affordable homes shortage in the UK.   Design above by Edward, architect from Nottingham, East Midlands. Click here… Read more »

Can you build a house on green belt land?


Building a house on Green Belt land It is theoretically possible to build a house on Green Belt land, but it’s not easy nor can it be guaranteed. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is the underlying planning policy for the development of land in the UK. However, the local planning office will also have their… Read more »

Permitted development office to residential conversion


office to residential conversion

Good news, it is possible to convert an office to residential use without needing planning permission. However, there are important exceptions where permitted development rights may not apply in your area or to your property.     Image above by James, architectural designer from Islington South and Finsbury. Click here to see more and shortlist… Read more »

What is the new Infrastructure Levy? How is it different from Section 106 or the CIL?


Section 106 agreements, the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and the new Infrastructure Levy are all similar in that they impose additional conditions on the developer, linked to planning permission. The new ‘Infrastructure Levy’, which was announced in the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill (May 2022), is intended to broadly replace both Section 106 agreements and the… Read more »

Can I change my planning permission?


self build

Featured image above by Matthew, architect from Bristol. See more and shortlist his practice for your home project here: Matthew’s Design for Me profile    Can you make changes to an existing planning permission? Yes, you can change an application that’s been granted. However, consideration should be given to the extent of the changes, as… Read more »

Flood risk assessment for a planning application


Why do I need a flood risk assessment and what is it? If you are applying for planning permission, you may be need to provide a flood risk assessment with your application. This demonstrates the flood risk for your proposed development.   When is a flood risk assessment required? A flood risk assessment is required… Read more »