Can I convert my loft?


Can i convert my loft?

When asking, ‘can I convert my loft‘, there are various things you need to be aware of here – it may not be a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. For example it could be possible, but would come at a cost that could not be justified or the space created may not be suit your… Read more »

Do you need Permission to Convert a House into Flats?


Flat conversion

As a landlord, looking to convert a house into flats can be a clever move to maximise the rental income but could also allow for a higher total sale price. It also allows for flexibility; you might later choose to sell one flat and retain the other(s). The short answer to the question above is yes… Read more »

How to plan a loft conversion – the dos and don’ts


loft conversion

Loft conversion pictured above by Stephen, interior designer from Hackney, London. Click here see more and shortlist him for your home project.   Loft conversions add valuable living space to a home – whether you need an extra bedroom, creative space or home office. Loft conversions can also add 20% onto the value of a… Read more »

Permitted development office to residential conversion


office to residential conversion

Good news, it is possible to convert an office to residential use without needing planning permission. However, there are important exceptions where permitted development rights may not apply in your area or to your property.     Image above by James, architectural designer from Islington South and Finsbury. Click here to see more and shortlist… Read more »

Case study – an extension inspired by colour


A perfect match on DfM… THIS BEAUTIFUL SIDE EXTENSION WAS CREATED WITH A SHARED PASSION FOR COLOUR   Architect Hugh:  “We are known for our colourful work, and so working with these clients – a Personal Colour consultant and graphic designer – was a dream come true!”   Back in 2018, clients, Alan and Keiko, posted… Read more »

Glass Staircases : Advice & Inspiration


Glass is a material that has long been used in all kinds of structural applications. In spite on its fragility, glass is known to be robust and strong. In the right hands, with the right balustrade components and fixings glass can be used for just about anything. Unsurprisingly, homeowners are now finding that glass is… Read more »

Barn conversion ideas and rural restorations


Barn conversion

Barn conversions ideas and rural restorations – from Design for Me’s architects and designers Barn conversions and restorations are a very popular alternative to new builds, and with their inherent character and history its easy to see why. Here are some of the best barn conversion ideas from our architects and interior designers on Design… Read more »

A short guide to conversions – change of use to residential


Finding plots in London and other major UK cities With empty plots of land being difficult and often very expensive to come by, it’s no wonder that many self-builders and renovators instead convert an existing building into their dream home, applying for a change of use to residential. This is particularly of interest in the UK’s… Read more »