Do you need planning for a bungalow conversion?


Converting a bungalow to a house A bungalow conversion to a house can involve some or all of the following work: adding an extra storey a loft conversion (within the existing roof space) a loft extension (e.g. adding dormers or changing roof shape) adding a basement below an existing bungalow. In addition to this, you… Read more »

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion / extension?


You don’t need planning permission for a loft conversion or extension if the work falls within permitted development rules, and these rules apply to your property. Generally, the following types of loft conversion will not require planning permission: A basic conversion of your existing loft into a habitable room (e.g. bedroom), perhaps inserting skylights. Note… Read more »

Do you need Permission to Convert a House into Flats?


Flat conversion

As a landlord, looking to convert a house into flats can be a clever move to maximise the rental income but could also allow for a higher total sale price. It also allows for flexibility; you might later choose to sell one flat and retain the other(s). The short answer to the question above is yes… Read more »