Permitted development for barn conversions (Class Q)


barn conversion

Since 2014 barn conversions have benefitted from permitted development rights, meaning a full planning application is not required. For many, this has made barn conversions an attractive alternative to a new build. The main advantage here is speed and simplicity of gaining permission. There are other reasons that you might decide to opt for barn… Read more »

10 of the best architects for listed buildings in the UK


Listed building architect

We’ve rounded up some of the best architects to deal with homes that are listed buildings, across the UK.   David – Listed building architect in Bath (click on their name above to view their full profile and shortlist them for your project) I am passionate about creating homes that are beautiful, respond to their… Read more »

What are the minimum room sizes for a house?


There are no universal space standards for homes in the UK nor are there universal minimum room sizes. Instead, there are regulations that exist for different circumstances and project types. In any home building or renovation project, the two main statutory obligations you will need to fulfil are planning permission and building regulations approval (building… Read more »

Do I need planning permission to convert my garage?


You wouldn’t usually need planning permission to convert your garage into additional living space, provided that the space won’t be used as a separate dwelling and the works are all internal. These permitted development rights for a garage conversion will only apply where permitted development rights have not been removed (see below).   Converting a… Read more »

Do you need planning for a bungalow conversion?


Converting a bungalow to a house A bungalow conversion to a house can involve some or all of the following work: adding an extra storey a loft conversion (within the existing roof space) a loft extension (e.g. adding dormers or changing roof shape) adding a basement below an existing bungalow. In addition to this, you… Read more »

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion / extension?


You don’t need planning permission for a loft conversion or extension if the work falls within permitted development rules, and these rules apply to your property. Generally, the following types of loft conversion will not require planning permission: A basic conversion of your existing loft into a habitable room (e.g. bedroom), perhaps inserting skylights. Note… Read more »

Do you need planning permission for a holiday let?


planning permission for a holiday let

Do I need planning permission for a holiday let (change of use from a house to a holiday let)? In short, there is no definitive answer here and it depends on local planning regulations. Planning permission is required for a ‘material’ change of use, i.e if you are going from one use class to another…. Read more »

What are the new planning use classes (2023)?


All buildings have a use class. The original Use Class Order 1987 has been recently updated in the Use Class Order 2020.   List of use classes There is no official list of use classes is therefore open to interpretation of the above legislation. There are sometimes disputes (and varies between local planning authority) about which… Read more »

Building regulations for a house conversion


Where a house renovation results in a ‘material change of use’, there are requirements for upgrading certain building elements and meeting standards that go beyond what is required for a typical house renovation. Thanks to Nick Paley at Assure Building Control for their assistance with this article. Assure Building Control provide a fully licenced independent… Read more »

Can I convert my loft?


Can i convert my loft?

When asking, ‘can I convert my loft‘, there are various things you need to be aware of here – it may not be a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. For example it could be possible, but would come at a cost that could not be justified or the space created may not be suit your… Read more »