Kitchen Design Ideas by DfM


Kitchen design ideas

Get some kitchen inspiration from our designers… Planning a new kitchen? You could just get a few supplier brochures and say “I want that one!”. Fine, if you want un-inspiring, run-of-the mill jobbie. But, like most things worthwhile, planning your perfect kitchen takes time, consideration and a little bit of inspiration (which is where we can help!) Function… Read more »

Home office ideas and inspiration


home office ideas

Home office ideas – from Design for Me’s architects and designers As home working this year became essential, we started to notice the benefits – flexibility, comfort and gaining back precious time wasted on the dreaded commute. For many of us, particularly with employers noticing the advantages too, it’s clear that home working is here… Read more »

How to find home interior design advice (and keep your costs down)


interior design advice

Most homeowners who use Design for Me typically have the following things in common: They value great design. They want to love their home and feel proud of it. They don’t feel talented or inspired enough to make all the design decisions themselves. They are keen to get the most out of their budget. Featured… Read more »

Finding interior designers near me – do I need someone local?


Finding interior designers near me This week, we thought we’d share our answer to a frequently asked question here at Design for Me: ‘Should I only consider interior designers near me??’   Whether you are planning on just re-decorating one room, fitting a new kitchen or bathroom or planning a whole house re-design, finding the right designer is probably the most critical decision… Read more »

What do interior designers do?


What do interior designers do? Generally speaking, interior designers will work with you design your interior space(s) to suit your taste, budget and brief. This will usually be produced in the form of layout plans, details and specifications. These can be passed on to a contractor to first price and then execute the work. Sometimes… Read more »

Do I need an architect or interior designer?


Do I need an architect or an interior designer? This is a frequently asked question here at Design for Me. Sometimes the answer is very clear cut but often there’s a grey area! So be re-assured that it’s not a very silly question. I’ve worked as both an architect and an interior designer in my… Read more »

10 brilliant bathroom design ideas


Bathroom design ideas by DfM architects & interior designers A small project with a huge impact! Did you know that an bathroom can increase the value of your property by up to 6%? So if you’re planning a house renovation, adding in a second bathroom or WC may be a very clever idea. A new bathroom can cost you… Read more »

How to choose an interior designer


How to choose an interior designer This probably the most important decision you’ll need to make during the entire project. You’re about to invest a great deal in this project and so it’s important you get the very best for your budget. So how do you choose an interior designer? We’ve put together the top ten considerations… Read more »

Six essential bedroom design tips


Bedroom design tips

Your bedroom is a space where you should relax and unwind or get much-needed sleep. If you want to be more rested and enjoy spending time in your bedroom, you might use these design tips to make it the oasis you need. With some planning and a little free time, it’s easy to make your… Read more »

Seven renovations which will improve your home and increase its value


Renovating your home comes with countless considerations, from the tiniest deliberations over gutter covers to serious financial decisions that are years in the making. Some types of renovation add value to your home and others primarily improve your day-to-day life. A sensible goal, especially if you intend to stay in your home for the foreseeable… Read more »