Seven design tricks which make a small living room feel more spacious


small living room

Sponsored Guest Post   Do you have a living room that makes you feel a little too cramped? Using the right design tricks can make the room feel more spacious. Often, you don’t even have to spend much money to reap the benefits. Start with the following seven design tricks to make your small living… Read more »

Architect AND interior designer – do I need both?


Interior architecture

This is a source of confusion for many clients. Generally speaking, an architect will design the external shell of the building (walls, roof, windows, etc) and an interior designer would design and specify the interior decoration, furniture and fittings. The work that sits in between – space planning of rooms, finishes and fixtures – could… Read more »

Hallway design ideas and inspiration


Hallway design

Title image – design by Peter, architect from Islington, London. Click here to see more and shortlist them for your home project.   Hallway design ideas – from Design for Me’s architects and designers Here are some of the best hallway designs from our architects and designers on Design for Me. Click on the images… Read more »

5 ways skirting boards can enhance interior design


Most people take their skirting boards for granted. But it is only when you rip them out or walk into a room that doesn’t have them that you notice they’re gone. Skirting boards, like lighting and furniture, are an essential element of interior design.  This post explores how skirting boards can enhance your rooms and… Read more »

Do interior designers buy furniture?


interior designer furniture

Interior designers will have different ways of working when it comes to purchasing furniture for your project. For some it will be part of their business model to buy furniture on your behalf, while others will offer a ‘design only’ service. Others will be flexible, based on the size of your project, budget, and your… Read more »

A perfect match … for a hallway and living room re-design


Annie posted her project to Design for Me looking for a talented interior designer to renovate her hallway and front room. After registering her project with just a few key details, we matched her with the best candidates and she received interest from a number of interior designers.   Annie’s brief Hallway and front room re-model We have recently… Read more »

Interior designers in Brighton and Sussex


Interior designers in Brighton and Sussex If you’re planning a renovation or refurbishment, finding the right interior designer or architect is the critical first step. We’ve compiled some of the best interior designers in Brighton and Sussex to give you a starting point, and hopefully provide a little inspiration too. The Sussex area is brimming… Read more »

How much do Interior Designers charge?


How much do Interior Designers charge? If you’ve already researched interior designer’s fees online, you may have discovered how difficult it is to find industry standards or rules of thumb; a good general estimate is difficult to find… The cost of your interior designer will depend on several things, such as their experience and expertise, but also the… Read more »

Kitchen Design Ideas by DfM


Kitchen design ideas

Get some kitchen inspiration from our designers… Planning a new kitchen? You could just get a few supplier brochures and say “I want that one!”. Fine, if you want un-inspiring, run-of-the mill jobbie. But, like most things worthwhile, planning your perfect kitchen takes time, consideration and a little bit of inspiration (which is where we can help!) Function… Read more »

Home office ideas and inspiration


home office ideas

Home office ideas – from Design for Me’s architects and designers As home working this year became essential, we started to notice the benefits – flexibility, comfort and gaining back precious time wasted on the dreaded commute. For many of us, particularly with employers noticing the advantages too, it’s clear that home working is here… Read more »