Which skirting board should I choose?


If you’re renovating your house, you perhaps didn’t anticipate all of the small design decisions you would need to make along the way. Choosing skirting boards and architraves may seem like a minor design decision, but they can have a huge impact on the final look of a room. Do you want to make a… Read more »

What is an interior architect? (And how to find one for your renovation project.)


Interior architect

The title ‘interior architect’ is used frequently in the architecture/design industry, even though it isn’t a title that is officially recognised or regulated. It’s usually adopted by either: a qualified architect who specialises or works only with the interior elements of construction, or an interior designer who is also a qualified architect. The title of… Read more »

Interior design for a London Bankside Apartment


interior designer

The client posted his project to Design for Me, looking for a talented interior designer to assist with the interior design for a bachelor apartment in Bankside. Design for Me then matched him with the best candidates and he received interest from a number of interior designers. Through Design for Me, the client narrowed down… Read more »

Wall decor ideas for a small house


Compared with spacious homes, fashioning an aesthetic appeal in a small house can be challenging. Interior designers often make use of innovative, space-saving furniture, allowing for flexibility of use and creating a more spacious look. These smart design strategies help people enjoy a minimalist feel even in small spaces.   Aside from furniture, wall decor can have… Read more »

Colour Psychology in Interior Design


Interior design colours

Have you ever wondered why some of us love rich, fiery and intense colours while others prefer a muted or pastel palette? Whilst most people will profess to ‘love colour’, what that means to each and every one of us is something totally unique. Why is this? Why do we respond so differently to so many colours? The… Read more »

Kitchen Ideas and Inspiration


modern shaker kitchen

A kitchen is often the most used and most important space in any home. Here at Design for Me, a large variety of architects and designers contribute kitchen ideas and inspiration and to our website to share with potential clients. Here are just a few examples that you need to see. A rustic feel from Alexia using exposed brickwork as… Read more »

A perfect match … for an Arts and Crafts meets North African living room


Anna (the client) posted her project to Design for Me looking for a talented interior architect to renovate her living room and hallway. After registering her project with just a few key details, we matched her with the best candidates and she received interest from a number of interior designers.   Anna’s brief   Living… Read more »

Interior design ideas for small flats


Interior design ideas for small flats Before you start searching for an interior designer near you, I’d recommend first collecting some ideas and looks that you like. Not only will this guide you in your search to find the best interior designer for your style, it will also be hugely beneficial in the design process,… Read more »

Residential Interior designers in South West London


Interior designers in South West London for your home If you’re planning a home interior design or renovation project, finding the right interior designer can be a critical first step to get right. We’ve compiled some of the best residential interior designers in South West London to give you a starting point, and hopefully provide a little inspiration too. South West London is brimming with… Read more »