What is Maximalism?

In the world of design, minimalism has long been favoured for its simplicity, clean lines, and clutter-free spaces. However, in recent years, a new trend has emerged that embraces a bold and extravagant approach: maximalism. Maximalism in architecture and interior design is all about embracing abundance, vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and an overall sense of exuberance.

At its core, maximalism is a celebration of individuality, creativity, and self-expression. Unlike minimalism, which focuses on paring down and simplifying, maximalism revels in excess. It embraces an eclectic mix of styles, colours, patterns, and textures, creating visually stimulating and layered spaces.


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Key Features of Maximalism

Vibrant colours

Maximalist interiors often feature a riot of colours. From bold jewel tones to bright neons, maximalism embraces a rich and diverse colour palette. Walls, furniture, and accessories can be saturated with vivid hues, creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere.


Patterns and Textures

Maximalist spaces incorporate an array of patterns and textures, including florals, geometrics, stripes, and animal prints. These patterns can be seen on wallpapers, upholstery, rugs, and curtains. Combining different textures, such as velvet, silk, and fur, adds depth and visual interest to the design.


Eclectic Furnishings

Maximalism allows for the inclusion of various furniture styles and periods. Mixing vintage and modern pieces, antiques and contemporary designs, creates a visually exciting and unique aesthetic. Each item tells its own story and contributes to the overall eclectic charm of the space.


Collectibles and Artwork

Maximalism provides the perfect canvas for displaying an assortment of collectibles, art, and personal treasures. Walls adorned with an extensive art collection, shelves filled with books, and cabinets showcasing unique objects all contribute to the layered and visually stimulating environment.


Incorporating Maximalism into your home


Start Small

If you’re new to maximalism, it’s best to start with a single room or a designated area within your home. This allows you to experiment with bold colours, patterns, and textures without overwhelming the entire space.


Curate Thoughtfully

Maximalism is not about clutter; it’s about deliberate curation. Choose each item intentionally, considering how it contributes to the overall composition. Seek a balance between a visually exciting environment and one that doesn’t feel chaotic.


Layer and Mix

Embrace the art of layering by combining different patterns, textures, and colours. Play with contrasts and find harmony in the juxtaposition of diverse elements. Experiment with unexpected combinations to create a unique and personalised space.


Consider Focal Points

Identify key focal points within your maximalist design. These can be an eye-catching piece of artwork, an ornate chandelier, or a bold piece of furniture. These focal points anchor the space and provide a visual centre.


Maximalist architects and interior designers on Design for Me

Here are just a few architects and interior designers on Design for Me whose work embraces the maximalism style. There are hundreds more all over the UK on Design for Me and we can match you up based on your specific requirements. To use our free matching service, post your project here.



Sabrina and Aude – Interior designers in London

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‘London-based Interior design and visual branding studio founded by life partners Sabrina Panizza and Aude Lerin.

Sabrina and Aude, raised in Milan and Paris respectively, share the same vision. Inspired by the captivating use of colour that characterises some of the most iconic decorative art and design movements of the 20th century, the creative duo looks beyond the trends to create elegant, yet humorous interiors dominated by the joy of the unexpected and an unconventional no-rules approach.

Combining Sabrina’s love for maximalism and Aude’s passion for a more minimalist style, the spaces designed by the couple embody the maximal minimalism aesthetic, where the personality of maximalism meets the spaciousness of minimalism. Simple geometric shapes and clean lines are brightened by bold colours and punchy patterns, as well as mid-century design, art, and antique pieces, to give life to a playful, rich universe.’


Maximalist interiors

Maximalist interiors


Maximalist interiors

Maximalist interior design


maximalist interior designer

Justine – Interior designer in London

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I help my clients assert their personality and reveal themselves through playful, offbeat and anti-gloom designs that are completely unique. I am based in London and work everywhere in Europe. You might have seen myself and my work on the brand new interior design tv show called The Big Interiors Battle which aired on Channel 4.

Back when I was an Aerospace engineer, I always had to look outside of work to feed my creativity. A few years ago, I graduated from The Interior Design Institute and started my own business, putting my project management experience in the service of my creativity.

I like having a very diverse skillset that I expand and strengthen continuously (#SwissArmyKnife). Above all, I am determined & I never give up before finding the perfect solution!



interior designer london

Emily  – Interior designer in Walthamstow, East London E17

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I have built interior design and project management experience over the last ten years creating homes for private clients, as well as commercial spaces for established property investment companies. Drawing on a broad range of influences, I create inviting schemes that are a combination of styles and eras brought to life by interesting colour palettes, textures and the use of both contemporary & vintage furniture and accessories. I am passionate about design and aim to create inspiring homes which reflect the design aesthetic and needs of each individual client.


maximalist interiors



Caroline – Interior designer in London

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‘We love what we do here at our design studio.

We love the people we work with, clients and colleagues. We are passionate about the homes we work with and the people who live in them. It isn’t just a job for us, we never switch off; always hunting out the perfect piece, the next design trend or simply gathering inspiration for our next project.

We believe every project is individual because everybody is different and every home brings new ideas and opportunities. Therefore, here at our design studio, every project we complete is different. We don’t replicate ‘a look’, we prefer to introduce new ideas to every project. We love the idea of mixing different styles, brought together in a cohesive design…and not to mention the odd quirky touch!’


Maximalism interior design


maximalism interior design

interior design maximalism



architects east london

Hugh – Residential architect in Hackney E8

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‘I design architecture that makes the most of space, time and money in order to create generous houses that are a pleasure to inhabit. My approach explores re-using architectural styles from the local area in a contemporary manner, and utilising materials that are unusual and individual, yet perfectly suited for each project . These approaches help me to look at each house in its own bespoke way, and celebrate the narrative, colour, and personality of your day-to-day home.

By carrying out careful studies of the area, and then producing design options and iterations, I and my practice come up with new ways to solve problems. Through careful consultation and updates, we ensure that the designs are perfectly suited to the way you want to live. Our tailored approach carries right the way through the project, ensuring that you have completed work of the highest quality.

We have experience of working in Bedford, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Redbridge, Southwark, Wandsworth, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Haringey, and Islington.’

Maximalism architecture

maximalist architects



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