How much does artificial grass cost?


Image above from Easigrass Think artificial grass and you might immediately think of greengrocer shelves or 1970s football pitches, but the technology to make it look and feel real has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. Wanting to spend time enjoying their gardens rather than tending to them, more and more… Read more »

Best Sofa Bed Reviews updated for 2020


Best sofa bed reviews The sofa bed is one of the most difficult furniture purchases of get right. We have all slept on lumpy, creaky, uncomfortable ones. The ones where you and your partner roll into the middle and you have to try and roll back up the hill without causing serious squeekage! I’m currently… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Side Tables


Design for Me loves... Side tables

10 stylish side tables to brighten up your living room   We think that these side tables would be brilliant additions to any living room! What do you think? 1. Consoles / Side tables in marble and iron from Graham & Green     2. Blossom, Yellow side table from Habitat   3. Solid Oak and… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Freestanding Baths


Freestanding baths

I’m designing a bathroom at the moment. I want it to feel calm, and relaxing… but also clean and modern and it’s that balance that  is key. I’m not a fan of uber modernist bathrooms with wall to wall white tiles, white tiled floor, white polished everything. I think It’s important to have some texture and colour to… Read more »

Design for Me Loves… Distressed Rugs


Letting colour in… Some people feel most comfortable surrounded by neutral colours such as calming white and soft shades of grey. Others feel uplifted and energised by lots of bright colours in their homes, making a bold personal statement. I have to admit bright block colours at home unnerve me a little, and I actually find lots… Read more »