Freestanding baths

I’m designing a bathroom at the moment. I want it to feel calm, and relaxing… but also clean and modern and it’s that balance that  is key. I’m not a fan of uber modernist bathrooms with wall to wall white tiles, white tiled floor, white polished everything. I think It’s important to have some texture and colour to soften the room. That way it feels like its part of your home, not some random room off your landing that looks like an operating theatre.

OK the budget isn’t huge! However, it’s a good size room and I just can’t pass up the opportunity to have a fabulous, luxurious centrepiece – a freestanding bath. There are some horrid plasticy freestanding baths out there, which I think is madness. Why bother having a freestanding bath if it’s ugly, right? I’ve got nothing against plastic baths per se, but I would definitely only use one if it’s built-in and has a nice tile or timber panel hiding it. The most important thing about designing on a budget is figuring out where to cut back (keeping it plain and simple) and where to spend a little.

The bath pictured above is called Atlantic Freestanding from Fired Earth. It is panelled and made of panelled enamel cast iron. It does cost £4,395.00 so as beautiful as it is… I might need to continue my search.

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Freestanding Baths

I absolutely love these traditional cast iron roll-top freestanding baths in bold modern colours…

freestanding bathcamden_bath_2

Camden Bath £3,470 from CPHart.

These beautiful roll-top baths are made of cast iron and are supplied as white primed. The idea is that you can paint them any colour you like! Love the yellow. You would need to get some oil based paint, like enamel. OK, they blow my budget but this is such a neat idea to get a blast of colour and character into the room. Aston Matthews also have some similar, primed cast iron freestanding baths, prices starting from £985 (phew). Or to really save your budget, pick up a reclaimed cast iron bath on ebay, and upcycle!


Here’s some other beautiful / interesting / freestanding baths I came across…

Aquamass Collection from CPHart:

“The sensuous tactile luxurious Stone One bath can be whatever you want it to be. We’ll finish the double-ended curvaceous tub for you. Blend in or stand out with a mosaic a crocodile skin-effect a vibrant paint or a Friesian effect – you provide the milk and honey. If you share designer Paolo Chipiron’s passion for individuality you’ll love taking the opportunity to create your own bathroom scenery”

freestanding bath   snakeskin bath

Timber Baths

The Fortrose and Romarkie from made in Scotland by woodenbathsltd £3100-£3300

teak wood freestanding bath


Hope that helps!

Emily  Design for Me

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