Artificial grass cost

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Think artificial grass and you might immediately think of greengrocer shelves or 1970s football pitches, but the technology to make it look and feel real has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. Wanting to spend time enjoying their gardens rather than tending to them, more and more people are turning to fake grass for an easy maintenance, good looking lawn. But which type is right for you and how much does artificial grass cost?


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Artificial grass cost: between £10 and £35 per m/2 + installation (more on that below) depending on the quality and application. We’ve found the best products on the market to suit all requirements… 



If you’re thinking fake grass is fake grass is fake grass, don’t! There’s a whole world of artificial lawns out there to enjoy – depending on how you intend to use it, there’ll be a type to suit your needs. That said, you get what you pay for with artificial grass – these are all at the upper, better end of the market.



For those of you who want a lawn that will stand up to a battering from children or adults or animals, you’ll need a lawn that’s designed for it. There are many products tailored to hard usage and they still look good with it:-


Artificial grass cost

Great Grass, Premium with ‘Clever Yarn’

A very popular grass for families and people with pets. Its construction means it cleverly springs back into shape. It also comes with a 10-year surface wear guarantee. £23.99 sq/m

best artificial grass


Trulawn, Continental – gives the look of a well-tended summer lawn, no tending required! £20.99 sq/m

Artificial grass underlay cost

Trulawn Shock Pad 20 – It might be worth considering adding this underlay for extra bounciness for £11.99 sq/m



If you want to lie around all day and not get a muddy bottom, you’ll probably want a soft, thick pile artificial grass. Our favourites:-

Artificial grass


Neograss, Libra – A new super soft grass for 2018. Soft, springy and lush. £27.99 sq/m

Luxury artificial grass


Artificial Grass Direct, Preston – This is seriously soft with a 40mm pile length, and, from a company that passes on bulk-buying value, at an attractive price too. £22.99 sq/m

Best artifical grass

Easigrass, Easi-Chelsea – Officially the softest grass available on the market currently. Perfect for balconies, terraces and areas with not too much foot traffic. It’s so soft it won a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2012! £29.99 sq/m



The great thing about grass is its versatility, a lawn can be used for anything and everything. These are our top picks for people who want a lawn for all seasons and all uses:-


Cheap artificial grass

Nomow, Luxury – An affordable, solid all-rounder. £18.99 sq/m



which best artificial grass


Evergreens, Wonderyarn – Regarded by many as the premier product, a Which Magazine Best Buy, Wonderyarn uses a state of the art W shaped yarn to offer the ultimate recovery properties after use. It doesn’t come cheaply but my word it’s wondrous stuff. £29.99 sq/m


Best artificial grass

Easigrass Easi-Mayfair – As the name suggests this is the Rolls Royce of artificial grass. An award-winning grass recommended at Chelsea Flower Show, with a price to match. £34.99 sq/m




You can always try laying it yourself, around half of people do and there are plenty of how to guides available online for that, but if you want a perfectly level lawn and a high-quality finish, it’s probably best to get a specialist in. Most manufacturers will offer to fit the grass for you, and prices vary depending on how complicated the space is.

Installation costs are usually £30-60 sq m. So, for a medium sized lawn (50 sq m) installation would typically be £1,500 – £3,000. If your artificial grass is £25-35 sq m then in total a medium sized (50sq m) lawn is going to cost £3750 – 4750.

A garden designer will be able to direct you further and could possibly negotiate a discount with the supplier!


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