How much does a garden makeover cost?


Does your garden need a complete overhaul before summer starts? With Spring around the corner, now is the time to start planning! But how much does a garden makeover cost?   What can you achieve for your budget? 0-2000k DIY, turf, perennials, trees & gravel?   The staple for most gardens is of course a… Read more »

How much does a wraparound extension cost?


Wraparound extension costs

A wraparound extension (a combined side and rear extension) can cost anywhere between £2,000–£3900+ per square metre to build, based on figures reported by residential architects and designers on Design for Me in 2022.    COSTS PER SQUARE METRE We asked our community of residential architects and design professionals for their experience of domestic projects and how they… Read more »

What is an interior architect? (And how to find one for your renovation project.)


Interior architect

The title ‘interior architect’ is used frequently in the architecture/design industry, even though it isn’t a title that is officially recognised or regulated. It’s usually adopted by either: a qualified architect who specialises or works only with the interior elements of construction, or an interior designer who is also a qualified architect. The title of… Read more »

Small home projects that add value


architects for small home project

Enhancing your home’s value doesn’t need to mean major renovations or substantial investments. In fact, it can actually be easy to spend too much on a renovation project and never make that money back. However, often it’s the small, strategic improvements that can significantly elevate your property’s worth and represent the best investment over large… Read more »

How much does a house renovation cost?


Renovation cost

Rising construction costs in the UK are now common knowledge. In the last two years, material shortages and supply chain issues due to the pandemic caused sharp rises in material costs. While this problem has subsided, other factors such as inflation, Brexit and the war in Ukraine have pushed prices up even further. Not only… Read more »

Is Straw-bale Construction Right for Your Self Build?


Straw-bale construction is becoming a new phenomenon in the UK. Unlike the common misconception that houses constructed with straw will be “blown down,” presumably by a wolf, this method of construction has actually been proven to be both energy efficient and cost effective for self builders.   What is Straw-bale Construction? Straw-bale construction is a building… Read more »

Shipping Container Homes


Shipping containers are used for, well shipping, but did you know that they could also be used as the skeleton of your next self-build or extension project? Shipping container homes are becoming the new eco-friendly alternative when it comes to building or renovating a home in the UK. Why not use one for your next extension?… Read more »

How much does an interior designer cost?


Designs above by Julia, interior designer on Design for Me. Shortlist her for your project here.   How much does an Interior Designer cost? The cost of an interior designer varies greatly depending on the amount of work involved and the experience and expertise of the interior designer. Interior design fees could be as little as £100… Read more »

Do I need an architect for a renovation?


Interior architecture

In short, no – there’s no legal requirement to engage an architect for a renovation project. The key consideration is the value that a design professional could bring to your project.  A skilled home design professional can help you optimise your project, offering advice on budget allocation, navigating regulations, selecting a builder, and overseeing their… Read more »

How to Build Your Own House


Self Build House

A Simple Guide to Getting Started Self-build projects have been known to be expensive and intimidating, although over the last few years, building your own home has gotten a lot easier. There are over 6 million people in the UK who want to build their own home and over 1 million in progress, according to This Is Money. Now… Read more »