How much value does a house extension add?


Work from Design for Me architects: (click to view their full profiles) Matt, Corin, Robert, Tom, Rashid, Giles    Is it worthwhile extending your home right now?   Planning rules have been relaxed In recent years the government have relaxed planning rules in regards to extensions. The changes have given homeowners more flexibility to improve and increase the… Read more »

How much does a self-build house cost?


Self Build Architects from Design for Me. From Left to Right - Jake,Mark,Lucy,James,Liam,Felix

(Self Build Architects from Design for Me. From Left to Right – Jake, Mark, Lucy, James, Liam, Felix) Ever dreamed about having a house designed just for you? How good would it be to have control over the shape of every room, materials, fittings and fixtures! You ‘bespoke’ means ‘expensive’ but it might be more affordable than you think… especially when you consider there… Read more »

Architect AND interior designer – do I need both?


Interior architecture

This is a source of confusion for many clients. Generally speaking, an architect will design the external shell of the building (walls, roof, windows, etc) and an interior designer would design and specify the interior decoration, furniture and fittings. The work that sits in between – space planning of rooms, finishes and fixtures – could… Read more »

Architect cost calculator


architects fees

Architects’ fees calculator As a basic rule of thumb for private residential projects, a residential architect typically charges between 10-12% of the construction cost for full architectural services. Use our architect cost calculator below to estimate how much your architect may cost. We have also developed an extension cost calculator, which you can use here…. Read more »

How much does a side return extension cost?


A side return extension can be a really cost-effective way of creating more space and adding value to your property without eating into your precious garden space. It can transform a narrow kitchen into the most amazing living / dining area – even becoming the social hub of your family home! But how much does a side return extension cost?… Read more »

Side Return Extensions: Advice & Inspiration


What is a side return extension?   Side return extensions are most common in Victorian terrace houses where the original building leaves a strip of land on the side of the house making an L shaped garden. If you have lived in a house like this you are aware of how useless this dark, dingy passageway is…. Read more »

House extension cost calculator 2022



A simple house extension calculator to help you plan your budget. These figures have been updated in 2022 following recent price increases in construction costs, according to a survey of architects and designers on Design for Me.   Image above by Simon and Jon architects on Design for Me. See their full profile and shortlist… Read more »

How much do roof conversions cost?


Dormer Loft Conversions by Giles, Architect on Design for Me

Image above: View Profile of Giles, architect of dormer loft conversions above   We frequently get asked for cost guidance by homeowners on Design for Me. We would always encourage you to discuss designs and budgets with your architect or designer and then get quotes from builders, but we know that a rough starting point… Read more »

How much does a garden designer cost?


Summer is here! Time to dust off the garden furniture, grab a good book and relax in your beautiful, well maintained garden. Not quite? OK, so it might be in need of a bit (or a lot) of TLC first… Now the question is, what do you want from your garden? Not an easy question, particularly… Read more »

How much does a loft conversion cost? 2022


We asked our UK-wide community of architects and designers on Design for Me – How much does a ‘typical’ loft conversion cost? Image above by Ayca, architectural designer on Design for Me. See her full profile here. As you can see, the estimates below vary significantly, which illustrates just how subjective this question is! However, if… Read more »