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How much does a planning application cost?

A planning application costs £172 in England and £166 in Wales.

This is the fee payable to your local council for processing the full householder planning application.


Do I need planning permission?

You may not even need to apply for planning permission at all. You should call up your local planning office and seek advice on this one but it depends on two things:

1. Does your proposal meet the criteria for permitted development? 

The planning portal has a little interactive house to check whether your proposal falls under permitted development.

2. Does your property have any restrictions placed on it which would remove your permitted development rights?

You will need to check whether your property has an article 4 direction placed upon it. This will mean that you have to submit a planning application for work which normally does not need one.

Article 4 directions are made when the character of an area of acknowledged importance would be threatened. They are most common in conservation areas. – The Planning Portal

You should also find out whether your property is within a Conservation Area. There are some restrictions regarding demolition which may not be covered under permitted development.


If you are still confused, even after speaking to a planning officer, it may be worthwhile applying for a Certificate of Lawful Development. The application costs £86 (England) and will typically be less detailed than a full planning application. It may be worthwhile obtaining this certificate anyway if you ever want to sell your house. It will prove to future buyers that the development was lawful.


How long does a planning application take?

From the time the application is submitted, it should usually take 8 weeks to get a decision. However, in some circumstances if the application is large or complex, it can take up to 13 weeks.


How much do architects charge for a planning application?

Architects or architectural designers / technicians are of course an important consideration in the planning process. How much they will charge will vary depending on the requirements of your project and the designer. The only way to gain a good understanding is to obtain some quotes and compare them! You can learn more about the cost of hiring an architect on our blog.


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