Where can I find an affordable garden designer?

Are you planning a garden overhaul this year?

If your budget is over £5k a garden designer is usually well worth their fee as part of your budget. In this post we’ll help you find one that matches your budget.

If it’s under £5k, we wrote an article recently looking at looking at ways of renovating your entire garden on a shoestring: https://designfor-me.com/cost-planning/garden-makeover-cost/. However, getting professional advice is certainly not out of the question for you. You garden may benefit greatly from a consultation with a garden design professional even for just a couple of hundred pounds. This will help you make informed decisions, and get the most out of your budget.


So, whatever your budget, you need to find the right garden designer to suit your job. You might have found that some companies turn you away, saying that they don’t do small jobs, leaving you feeling a little hopeless as well as vaguely affronted. A garden designer can be hard to find.


Freelance garden designers and small practices

Generally, you will find that freelancers and small firms are well accustomed to tackling domestic projects. They should also be more affordable, offering a more competitive fee than larger companies because of their lower overheads.

Naturally, freelancers or small firms can be more difficult to find; they don’t usually have a big marketing budget for websites and marketing material. Instead, they often rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for new work.

Fortunately, we at Design for Me have created a UK-wide database so that you can find an affordable garden designer who is perfect for your small (or large!) project. You can find them on our platform by registering your project below. We’ll match you with up to three garden designers for a consultation, and it’s completely free!



Click on the images below to see these affordable garden designers’ full Design for Me profiles and shortlist the ones you like for your project.


affordable garden designer mike

Garden room by Mike

affordable garden designer christine

Modern garden design by Christine

affordable garden designer sarahJane

London roof terrace design by Sara Jane

affordable garden designer josh

Soft planting design by Josh


Is there such thing as an ‘officially qualified’ garden designer?

Unlike ‘architect’ the title ‘garden designer’ is not protected, meaning that anyone is able to call themselves one. However, there is a professional body that garden designers can join: the Society of Garden Designers (SGD). To register with this body, a garden designer must:

  • be assessed by a panel of adjudicators,
  • have been business for a minimum of 3 years,
  • be insured.

However, not all garden designers join this body and that does not necessarily mean they would not qualify or are less talented. You can do your own checks with your garden designer before you appoint them:

  • get references from their past clients.
  • ask if they have design insurance
  • see examples of their past projects.

There is a designer out there for you. Use Design for Me to help you find them.


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