Many of us have garages attached to our homes, but often we neglect them, treating them as unimportant utility spaces where un-wanted items pile up over time. Considering the premium value of space in our homes, it’s worth exploring the potential of renovating our garages to serve a practical purpose. Here are some ideas on how you can transform your garage into a functional and useful space.



You don’t always have invest a lot of money to transform the look and feel of your garage. Instead of converting or renovating, installing uPVC garage cladding to the exterior walls can give your garage a modern look whilst reducing noise and insulating the inside from cold British winters. uPVC cladding can also be used to match the design of your garage more closely to your home or your garden too, all at the fraction of a cost of a conversion.



A large majority of garages in the UK are in an unusable state due to clutter; over two-thirds of people who do not use their garage for their cars cite junk and clutter as a the prevailing reason. Decluttering is a great opportunity to create more space for practical use in the long-term, and also enables you to empty out the space completely before renovating for another use. 


A Workshop

One of the most common uses of a garage (aside from parking your car) is as a workshop. Your garage will need little in the way of renovations, but installing a permanent bench and storage space can transform the usability of the space. Investing in a solid tool box to organise and store your equipment makes working on projects easier, and also mitigates the risk of burglary where exposed tools might invite theft.


A Gym

Another common use for a garage is a gym. With gym memberships often the first expense to go in times of economic hardship, it can be difficult to stay on top of your physical health. Having a space at home purpose-built for exercise can be profoundly impactful, making effective use of previously wasted space for personal and healthful productivity.



There are various ways in which you can turn your garage into a habitable or useful space. You might not drive, you might not have much in the way of need for storage. As such, you might consider converting to be a habitable space.

With a garage conversion, you can effectively add another room to your home. This room would be plumbed in to central heating, insulated to similar standards as the rooms in your home, and decorated. It could be used for any number of things, from a home office for more productive remote working to a recreational space for you or your family.


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