Bedroom design tips

Your bedroom is a space where you should relax and unwind or get much-needed sleep. If you want to be more rested and enjoy spending time in your bedroom, you might use these design tips to make it the oasis you need. With some planning and a little free time, it’s easy to make your bedroom a comfortable and inviting space.


Consider Your Layout

Before you begin your bedroom redesign project, consider what type of furniture you currently have in your space. Does it take up much room? Is it functional? Those are significant considerations. If the furniture is too large for the area or it’s mismatched awkwardly with other items, you may want to think about replacing it.

Once you’ve freed up some space, think about a scheme or design you want to follow as a guide. You don’t have to stick to any particular style but having a general idea helps you start planning. Next, think of the room’s flow and leave plenty of open space to allow free movement around the room. The flow of the room has a dramatic effect on comfort and style.

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Focus on Your Bed

The next thing you want to address is the bed. Is it newish or is it old? How comfortable is the mattress? Is it time for an upgrade? Once you’ve determined if you want to keep your current mattress or upgrade to a more plush or firm mattress, you can begin working on the overall style and position in the room.

Don’t forget to use environmentally friendly mattress disposal if you plan to get rid of your old bed. It’s also important to consider the new mattress dimensions before committing to the purchase, to ensure you have enough free space left in the room.

Once you’ve tackled the decision about the mattress size and its dimensions, you can buy some new bedding to make your sleep space more comfortable and updated.


Keep the Theme Relaxing

To create a relaxing and elegant room, it’s essential to keep the colours subtle and modern. Some suggestions would be to use earth tones in muted shades or cool dark tones with black, grey, and silver. They can make the room seem more inviting and restful whilst looking sleek and stylish. 

Select a few colours to work within your palette and perhaps an accent colour to use sparingly here or there. It’s easy to add artwork, mirrors, and other minor finishing touches like throw pillows and window treatments to bring the look together.


Provide seating Options

It’s a good idea to create additional seating for yourself in your bedroom. Perhaps you want to look out of your window or sit to read. Whatever the case may be, creating a space for seating helps to break up the space and add texture.

Window seats are always a great idea but if that’s not possible, section off a corner of the room and add a chair, chaise lounge, or other lounging seats. Place a small table beside the chair for books, drinks, phones, glasses etc. This approach makes the bedroom even more appealing and useful.


Don’t Forget the Floor

Perhaps you have the flooring you love in place right now and if that’s the case, then fantastic! But don’t forget about the floor’s potential to help make the room more luxurious and attractive. If you have a new carpet that you like, you can still spruce it up with a few additions. It’s even easier if you have tile, hardwood floors, or synthetic hardwood.

Rugs come in all sizes, shapes, and materials. Choose a flattering colour and material that’s comfortable underfoot and goes with the style of the room. Consider using larger area rugs to inject some colour or texture into your design. Some common choices include the following: 

  • Sisal
  • Cotton weave
  • Shag
  • Short pile natural fibre
  • Synthetic loop fibres

These are a few of the types and textures to consider. If there’s high traffic in these areas, consider each option’s care instructions and durability.


Optimise Your Lighting

Natural light is everyone’s preferred option but if you don’t get plenty of sunshine or natural light entering your bedroom, you can substitute it with soft white light.

Place your lighting strategically around the room to allow even distribution. It’s also possible to redirect light to make the space seem larger and lighter by strategically placing mirrors of varying sizes in the room.

Beautiful Dreamers

Now is the time to revamp your bedroom, using some of these top design tips from professional designers to make your dreams of having a bedroom oasis a reality. Don’t forget to do careful planning before tackling the project and find ways to work with the materials you already have, while selecting a theme and layout that work with your current space.


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