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Gardens are often overlooked as an area which can raise the value of your home. For many homebuyers the garden can be a huge selling feature that could make or break the prospect of an offer.

It’s possible to make a huge difference for a low cost and just a little effort. The idea is to keep any changes made to your garden area minimal but at the same time ensure that you are making maximum impact.


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Five ways to improve your garden with minimal effort and cost


Tidy up and repair!

It may sound simple but needs to be said. Get rid of any old garden waste and bulky items that you no longer use. Removing clutter – making a few trips to the tip is the quickest and cheapest way to make a significant impact. Repair any broken gates, sheds, fences or borders and replace cracked paving slabs.


Furniture and zone uses

Just like you would do to your interiors, set up your garden to promote a ‘lifestyle’. For example, position outdoor furniture around a fire pit or create a dining space. Think about adding a string of lights, an outdoor rug and cushions to make your garden a place people can envisage themselves feeling comfortable and spending time. Think about creating zones for different activities, e.g. dining space, lounging space, children’s play space.

Bearing in mind that you would likely take garden furniture with you to a new home, it’s worth investing in a good quality set. As well as lasting you for years, it will also elevate the overall impression of your garden for the house sale.

You want outdoor furniture that will make you want to take a seat and relax with a drink in hand. Consider a teak outdoor dining set for your garden. It’s durable, practically weather-proof and classic.


Plant some trees and shrubs

Once you have defined the zones in your garden, think about adding some trees and shrubs to add interest and colour. However, it’s all about balance so don’t plant too many, which could overcrowd and overshadow.


Put some time and effort into your lawn

Your garden lawn is one of the best and most important decorative features of your garden. The bare minimum that you can do is have your weeds pulled and your lawn neatly mowed. Lay some new grass seed if it needs any.


Add mulch

Mulching is a process of adding natural materials to the soil to suppress weeds, save water and improve the soil. Some mulching materials, such as tree bark and wood chips also look smart – they a give tidy, purposeful appearance to your planting areas.

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