Garden Design Ideas by DfM Landscape Designers

With summer on the doorstep and the Chelsea Flower Show in full flourish, we thought it would be a good time to provide some garden design inspiration! We’re delighted to share some beautiful work from the talented garden designers on Design for Me. There are some fantastic ideas to create the perfect setting for those long summer days and evenings ahead (hopefully!). There are also suggestions for using mixed and colourful plants, outdoor furniture ideas and inspirations for those urbanites with lack of garden space.


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Scroll down to get inspired!

Zen garden design with colourful cussions by Sara Jane, landscape designer on Design for Me

Garden landscaping idea by DfM garden designer Sara Jane. We love minimal white seating area with colorful cushions!


Garden design with garden pond and sofa by Sara Jane, landscape designer on Design for Me

Garden design ideas combining mixed plants and a garden pond, by DfM garden designer Sara Jane. This wide and spacious garden gives you an opportunity to enjoy the picnic on the lawn or to have a peaceful time in the shadow of birches.


Garden seating area with pond and patios

Inspiring garden patio surrounded by the pond and different shapes of paths. Carefully chose outdoor furniture to keep it sustainable in any weather! By DfM landscape designer James.


Garden seating area with waterfall and pond

Garden patio with a pond and waterfall, surrounded by some tropical plants can make you feel like on holidays even in British weather! By DfM designer Denise.


Garden patio with table by Denise, landscape designer on Design for Me

More garden patio ideas by DfM designer Denise. Light color concrete paving makes your garden light and tidy. Furthermore, it prevents your green lawn from being trampled down whilst you’re enjoying your outside dinner!


Garden patio idea with dining table by DfM garden designer Denise

Garden designer Denise suggests to use your back garden for a small patio. Use modern outdoor furniture to have your own bar outside.


Garden outside table by DfM garden designer Denise

Light coloured concrete paving combined with dark wooden furniture gives a feeling of very luxurious dinner that will leave the neighbours jealous. By DfM garden designer Denise.


Basalt paving for a modern look by DfM garden designer Josh

Garden patio idea by DfM garden designer Josh. Basalt paving gives a clean modern look to this garden!


Spacious garden design with concrete and wooden paving by James, landscape designer on Design for Me

Spacious garden design by DfM landscape designer James. Paving is designed with concrete and wooden decking to combine plants, barbecue and seating areas.


Secret garden atmosphere with decorative trees and garden pond by Sara Jane, landscape designer on Design for Me

One more secret garden design by DfM designer Sara Jane. Enjoy a cup of tea in this magic atmosphere surrounded by decorative trees and a little garden pond.


We know that everyone who lives in the big cities would love to have some more nature around them. Even if you’re short on space in your back yard to set up the garden, you can do so in your balcony or even to set up a roof garden or a terrace!


Balcony gardening by Josh, landscape designer on Design for Me

Balcony gardening, by DfM garden designer Josh.


Rooftop terrace design, London

The rooftop terrace with breathtaking view of London. By DfM garden designer Sara Jane.


Rooftop terrace London

The rooftop terrace in central London, by DfM designer Sara Jane. Who ever said urban people cannot enjoy the nature between concrete buildings and busy city roads?


Roof gardening idea by DfM landscape designer

So you think you don’t have any space for gardening? This is an idea for you! A green roof by DfM architect Richard.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re landscaping the backyard or gardening your balcony, you can always play with different plants and experiment with different colours. Bring the garden lawn up on the roof, wild flowers to your balcony and spread the climbing plants over your wall!

If you have any comments or need some advice in planning your garden design, please drop us an email on and we’ll see how we can help!


by Dovile,  Design for Me

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