Ask any garden designer, and they will tell you that the key to a beautiful garden is not about how much space you have, but how you use it! In central London it is not uncommon for designers to be asked to design a 4×4 m space! Here are a few key tips from the on how to get the best out of your small garden space:


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1. Design vertically

It is all too tempting to fixate upon how many new flower beds you can fit into your plot. However, you may be missing out on an opportunity to fix some of your best plants upon structures in the small garden in order to maximise space. Hanging plants on walls, fences, and in window boxes are perfect for achieving a stellar vertical design that will expand the dimensions of your garden and allow you to show off some beautiful plants.                          


Small Garden

Vertical small garden design from Jev, Garden Designer on DfM


1. Make it flexible

In a small space, flexibility is key. You may use your garden for lots of different purposes, and it is essential to be able to change the layout for any occasion. Rather than having fixed beds, consider using containers for your major plants and shrubs. This way, you can rearrange the layout whenever you wish! Positioning larger plants closer to your home as well will help you increase space at the centre of the small garden space.                                                                                       


2. Add furniture wisely 

For a small garden or terrace, furniture can often end up taking up a large area of space that could be used for additional plants and trees. It is important to consider what you intend to use your garden for, but in general clever furniture arrangements can be essential to a brilliant design. Specifically, built in patio benches and folding chairs are extremely helpful in creating more garden space while serving as comfortable seating options outdoors.                                                                                                                                                  

built-in timber bench

Built in bench seating by Sara-Jane, Garden Designer on DfM


4. Create Zones 

Think carefully about what you’ll use your garden for and create zones accordingly. Adding pathways, benches and small arches will help define the spaces whilst providing a comfortable atmosphere to socialise and relax in.                                        


5. Reduce Clutter

A small garden can begin to feel cramped very fast. Keep landscaping tools and knick-knacks out of the way by creating built-in storage spaces.


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