It’s time to sort out your urban garden…

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High impact, low hassle Dare I say it? The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. It’s starting to feel a bit like Spring! After a cold and long winter, who wouldn’t want to spend some time out in the garden? But If you live in London like me, your tiny unkempt… Read more »

Are SIPs Right for Your Self-build?

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If you’re starting a self-build project you may already be aware that the key to a successful, stress-free project is thorough research and planning! Choosing the right building materials and construction method are important early decisions. This week, we’re here to give you a helping hand on choosing your construction method. Have you ever heard of SIPs? Here… Read more »

Building your own home

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One of the first things you’ll consider is finding a plot of land. This is a huge decision and has implications on the size, shape and style of building that would be suitable. For example, if you are planning a modern design in steel and glass, you should question how far the restrictions go in… Read more »

Kitchen Ideas and Inspiration

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A kitchen is often the most used and most important space in any home. Here at Design for Me, a large variety of architects and designers contribute kitchen ideas and inspiration and to our website to share with potential clients. Here are just a few examples that you need to see. A rustic feel from Alexia using exposed brickwork as… Read more »

When to Choose Grey or White Wood Flooring

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  There’s no doubt that grey and white wood floors are proving to be a massive hit at present. A wooden floor has become the norm – it’s beautiful, sustainable, hygienic and classic. But before grey and white wood flooring became so popular, the real flooring innovation happened below the level of colour, at the point where engineered… Read more »

Is Straw-bale Construction Right for Your Self Build?

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Straw-bale construction is becoming a new phenomenon in the UK. Unlike the common misconception that houses constructed with straw will be “blown down,” presumably by a wolf, this method of construction has actually been proven to be both energy efficient and cost effective for self builders.     What is Straw-bale Construction? Straw-bale construction is a… Read more »

Residential Interior designers in South West London

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Interior designers in South West London for your home If you’re planning a home interior design or renovation project, finding the right interior designer can be a critical first step to get right. We’ve compiled some of the best residential interior designers in South West London to give you a starting point, and hopefully provide a little inspiration too. South West London is brimming with… Read more »