How Much Does a Basement Extension Cost?

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London basement extensions by Design for Me architect Neil. Click on the images to see their profile and shortlist them for your job.   Calculating your basement extension cost in London / South East We have already written a post on extension costs in London here, but basement extensions are a very different proposition. They can be a fantastic… Read more »

Building control regulations for an extension

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Do you need building control approval for an extension? If you’re planning to extend your home, you will need to comply with the building regulations. This is a legal requirement and, without formal approval and control, your local council could force you open up or re-build sometimes significant aspects of the project. It could even… Read more »

Colour Psychology in Interior Design

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Have you ever wondered why some of us love rich, fiery and intense colours while others prefer a muted or pastel palette? Whilst most people will profess to ‘love colour’, what that means to each and every one of us is something totally unique. Why is this? Why do we respond so differently to so many colours? The… Read more »

Should I pay for planning pre-application advice?

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Is it worth getting planning pre-application advice? One of the first hurdles in any home renovation project is obtaining planning permission. Most councils offer a pre-application advice service to homeowners. But is it necessary? It depends on your project and comes down to three things: cost, time and, of course, getting approval for a design… Read more »

How big can I build an extension without planning permission?

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  Above: Extensions by architects on Design for Me. Click on the image to see their full profile and shortlist them for your project.   How big can you build an extension without planning? The permitted development rules have recently been relaxed, allowing you to build an extension without planning permission of up to six metres (or… Read more »

It’s time to sort out your urban garden…

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High impact, low hassle Dare I say it? The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. It’s starting to feel a bit like Spring! After a cold and long winter, who wouldn’t want to spend some time out in the garden? But If you live in London like me, your tiny unkempt… Read more »

Are SIPs Right for Your Self-build?

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If you’re starting a self-build project you may already be aware that the key to a successful, stress-free project is thorough research and planning! Choosing the right building materials and construction method are important early decisions. This week, we’re here to give you a helping hand on choosing your construction method. Have you ever heard of SIPs? Here… Read more »

Building your own home

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One of the first things you’ll consider is finding a plot of land. This is a huge decision and has implications on the size, shape and style of building that would be suitable. For example, if you are planning a modern design in steel and glass, you should question how far the restrictions go in… Read more »