Designing a Family-Friendly Garden: Incorporating Comfortable Garden Chairs

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Designing a family-friendly garden involves creating a welcoming outdoor space where comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal come together seamlessly. Garden chairs play a pivotal role in this design, providing comfortable seating for family gatherings and enhancing the overall ambiance of your outdoor environment. Here’s how to choose and incorporate garden chairs effectively:   Ensuring Enjoyable… Read more »

Choosing Kitchen Tiles: Functional and Stylish Options for Culinary Spaces

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When it comes to kitchen renovations, selecting the right tiles is crucial for combining durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Explore various tile options that can enhance your culinary space, from durable materials to stylish backsplash designs and flooring considerations. For a wide selection of high-quality tiles, you may consider visiting   Durable Materials for… Read more »

Garden Design Ideas by DfM Landscape Designers

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With summer on the doorstep and the Chelsea Flower Show in full flourish, we thought it would be a good time to provide some garden design inspiration! We’re delighted to share some beautiful work from the talented garden designers on Design for Me. There are some fantastic ideas to create the perfect setting for those long summer days and… Read more »

Kitchen design ideas and inspiration

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Kitchen design ideas from Design for Me’s architects and designers Looking for some kitchen design ideas for your home renovation or extension project? You are in the right place! We have rounded up some of the best kitchen designs from the architects and designers on Design for Me. Click on the images below to see… Read more »

Hiring a designer: important questions to ask

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Hiring a designer is an important decision since this person will have a huge impact on your home and the way you live for potentially a very a long time. A good personal connection is key! Yes, of course, compare quotes. But there is so much more to the decision than this, and it’s personal. You’ll… Read more »

Case study – an extension inspired by colour

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A perfect match on DfM… THIS BEAUTIFUL SIDE EXTENSION WAS CREATED WITH A SHARED PASSION FOR COLOUR   Architect Hugh:  “We are known for our colourful work, and so working with these clients – a Personal Colour consultant and graphic designer – was a dream come true!”   Back in 2018, clients, Alan and Keiko, posted… Read more »

Skylights – ideas and inspiration

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Skylights – inspiration from Design for Me’s architects and designers Skylights are often a key ingredient to a well designed, light and stylish extension. Not only can they bring in swathes of natural light, they can provide an opportunity for an interesting architectural gesture. Click on the images below to see their full profiles and… Read more »

Exterior sliding / folding doors – design inspiration

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Folding doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, concertina doors… what’s the difference? Folding doors, bifold doors, concertina doors, patio doors… there seem to be so many names for these glazed doors that open out to your garden but essentially they mean the same thing! Fully glazed doors have become incredibly popular and are a bit of… Read more »