Kitchen Ideas and Inspiration

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A kitchen is often the most used and most important space in any home. Here at Design for Me, a large variety of architects and designers contribute kitchen ideas and inspiration and to our website to share with potential clients. Here are just a few examples that you need to see. A rustic feel from Alexia using exposed brickwork as… Read more »

When to Choose Grey or White Wood Flooring

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  There’s no doubt that grey and white wood floors are proving to be a massive hit at present. A wooden floor has become the norm – it’s beautiful, sustainable, hygienic and classic. But before grey and white wood flooring became so popular, the real flooring innovation happened below the level of colour, at the point where engineered… Read more »

What’s the difference between outline planning and permission in principle?

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It’s a common assumption that terms are interchangeable, particularly in relation to new build housing. This is a simple guide to explain the difference between outline planning and permission in principle in basic terms, and which route might be the most suitable for your project. In short, they are essentially very similar. However, permission in… Read more »

How to make a small garden look bigger

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This is a simple starter guide to garden design where space is limited. We asked some of the garden designers on Design for Me for their top tips on how to make a small garden look bigger.   1. Avoid large expanses of grass, paving or decking It may seem counter-intuitive but large lawns will… Read more »

What is a feasibility study?

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Do I need a feasibility study? All projects, big or small, will go through the feasibility phase; which is basically a research phase to help decide whether a project will proceed or not. A feasibility study will usually also inform the design and construction method. The decision to proceed lies with the client of course,… Read more »

Is Straw-bale Construction Right for Your Self Build?

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Straw-bale construction is becoming a new phenomenon in the UK. Unlike the common misconception that houses constructed with straw will be “blown down,” presumably by a wolf, this method of construction has actually been proven to be both energy efficient and cost effective for self builders.     What is Straw-bale Construction? Straw-bale construction is a… Read more »

Residential Interior designers in South West London

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Interior designers in South West London for your home If you’re planning a home interior design or renovation project, finding the right interior designer can be a critical first step to get right. We’ve compiled some of the best residential interior designers in South West London to give you a starting point, and hopefully provide a little inspiration too. South West London is brimming with… Read more »