Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of your home building or renovation project, but is too often an after-thought. The advantages of LED lighting are now well known and, in fact, it may be compulsory that you choose LED to meet building code standards. But it’s not just the position of the lights that needs consideration; the specification can make a huge difference to the efficiency, colour, maintenance and even safety of your lighting. In homes, you you should usually opt for low bay, rather than high bay LED lights (which are used for high ceilings in commercial settings).


Luckily, this week we have guest expert Gil from CS LED to explain what you should be looking out for…  

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“Technological advancement is creating positive impacts in all areas of living, and the case of the lighting industry is no different. The introduction of LED lighting has brought about revolutionary changes in this arena, as these lights are small, solid, energy efficient and long-lasting when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Apart from providing reduced maintenance costs and higher safety, most of the LED bulbs offer a lifespan of nearly 60,000 hours and energy consumption is 90 percent more efficient than their traditional counterparts. This article will detail for you the best ways you can beautify your home with LED lighting.


LED ceiling spotlights


Always Check the ‘K’ Ratings

This is one of the most crucial tips you should follow when purchasing LED bulbs for your home. Many people who purchase lighting may not be aware of ‘K’ ratings, which range from 2700-6500. K stands for Kelvin, and it is the measure of color temperature.

Usually, bulbs below 3000 K produce warm light which is light yellow in color. If you are installing LED lighting for your living room, these bulbs will be the best choice.

Bulbs from 3200 – 4500 K offer cool light, and are much suitable for your workspaces and kitchen. Electricians recommend anything above 4500 for areas where your ability to see is critical, as it will provide a strong, daylight feel. LED bulbs above 4500 K are ideal for security lighting and kitchens. A 5000 K T8 LED is a great choice for large basements, garages, or work houses.

Finally, if you are using a computer in your home, always make sure that the lighting is not brighter than your screens to prevent eye fatigue.


Always Check the Color Quality

It’s always recommended to check the CRI of your bulb before purchase. CRI is the abbreviation of Color Rendering Index, and it determines how accurate the colors will appear in the light generated from the bulb. LED bulbs with a CRI measurement of above 80 are best for your home, as their light will not create much difference in the actual color of the object.


Lighten Your Dimly Lit House Safely

Sometimes, your living space will be short on light fixtures and lamps. In these cases, you can use LED lights of higher Watt equivalency when compared to your old bulbs. Most of the light fixtures will carry a warning stating that it cannot withhold anything higher than a 60-Watt bulb.

This warning is to make sure that the heat provided by the bulb doesn’t cause any safety issues. However, there is no problem in using a 100-Watt equivalent LED bulb, as it consumes only 17 Watts. This new change will surely give you lower energy bills but will lighten your interiors much better than an incandescent bulb.

The popularity of LED lighting is increasing in all corners of the globe. By switching to LED bulbs, you are also contributing to nature and eco-sustainability. These bulbs are lead and mercury free, which help to contribute to their environmental durability. For ease of lighting and a multitude of choices, visit a quality LED lighting provider who can give you the latest in updated technology.”


Author bio – Gilbert Cabrales has been with CS LED since its inception in 2008, first as an employee and then as a valued partner. Gilbert has vast experience in both lighting and electrical work and has a unique method for collaborating with his clients. He doesn’t stop at the sale. Instead, he truly works to connect with his clients and remains a resource throughout the lifespan of each one of their lighting projects. From design to implementation and beyond, you can count on Gil to deliver LED expertise and true partnership capabilities.


Thank you Gil!

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