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Can an Architect come on a house viewing?

Yes absolutely, an architect can come with you on a house viewing. In fact, I’d highly recommend it if you are buying a property that you intend to renovate or extend. Its not something that’s very commonplace in the domestic market (it’s much more so in the commercial market with developer clients). Some estate agents have seen the advantage of teaming up with local architects to sell properties. However, I’d recommend finding an architect who you could imagine working with down the line.


Extension pictured above by Tessa, architect from Hackney, London. Click here to see more and shortlist them for your home project.


As an architect myself, I’ve accompanied several friends and family on house viewings. Some have resulted in me saying, ‘don’t buy this house!. Others have resulted in great excitement at the potential for totally transforming the house with only a few small, relatively inexpensive alterations. Even if you have a good natural sense of style and space, having a second professional opinion can be inspiring or simply validating.


How much would it cost do get an architect to come on a house viewing?

For the house viewing alone, if they are local to the property, the architect may charge between £100-200. However, if they produce a report or go on to do additional design work, this would likely be extra.


Can an architect design from an estate agent’s plan?

Architect’s plans (along with google earth) can provide enough information for an architect do undertake a rough ‘desktop’ design. The architect would charge you for this one-off initial design and you can choose whether to take the project forward with them. However, I’d really recommend also having an in-person viewing with them.


Where can you find an architect for a house viewing?

Not all architects will be willing to provide a one-off house viewing service, so you will need to find the right person or practice. On Design for Me, you can post your request, and we’ll sent it out to local architects to see who’s interested and available.

Simply write in the project description that you are looking for an architect to accompany you on a house viewing, and that you are willing to pay a fee (you are likely to alienate the best architects if there is an assumption that it will provided for free). If you need any help with this please email


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