Bungalow Extension Ideas

Bungalows were undoubtedly a popular choice for the British homeowner in the last half of late 19th Century. There was a bungalow building boom, spurred on by a national desire for home ownership on a small budget.

This craze has come to a halt in recent years – did you know that only 300 are now built out of 100,000 new homes each year? So if you own one, it’s likely that the time has now come for a little love and restoration (and possibly extension?).

Here are a few bungalow extension ideas that will spark your interest in transforming your property from drab to fab!

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Where to Start:

Surveying and Architectural specialist Ian Wilkins at IWA Surveying and Planning remarks that when planning a bungalow extension the first thing to do is to..”Look at the structure of the roof, a chalet bungalow is always a great idea. However, if it’s a low level structure any extension should be sympathetic to the original design of the building.”

Chalet bungalow designs –

The design for a chalet style bungalow differs from other bungalows, as a chalet bungalow has a small second story loft that the designer can transform into additional living space. This extra space can be very beneficial for use as a storage area or even as a child’s bedroom or playroom. Take a look into this story from Homebuilding and Renovating, where Dean and Ann Furlong where able to renovate their 1930’s bungalow in Worcestershire using a creative chalet design that almost doubled the amount of living space they had and opens the space to a lovely garden outside

Innovative Chalet bungalow design Homebuilding and Renovating

Innovative chalet bungalow design by Dean and Ann Furlong


Bungalow Extension Designs – upwards & outwards

If you are looking to expand your living interior area while maintaining space outside for your treasured garden, extending your bungalow upwards could be the best option. Also, if you live in an area with beautiful scenery, an upward extension will give you a new ways to appreciate the breathtaking views and aura without even leaving your home. Finally, many modern bungalow designs help ensure you are being energy efficient by significantly improving the energy efficiency inside. With its use of conservatory style frames, a bungalow extension from Vivaldi Construction works to increase the amount of natural light that your interior is exposed to while its new bungalow extension roofing system reduces temperature loss and gain through the seasons!

Energy efficient bungalow extension from Vivaldi Construction

           Conservatory style frames and an innovative roofing system from Vivaldi Construction

If you have a large enough plot and are looking to add more than a single room, an outward extension can complement your bungalow nicely, and will you free up space for new interior decor. Ian and Lynne Hiscock transformed their bungalow in Surrey by building a side extension utility room as well as extending their bedroom. Now, the couple has an en-suite bathroom in the spot previously occupied by a small closet office (WOW)!

Bungalow extensions enable new and previously unthinkable spaces to be opened up

Ian and Lynne Hiscock’s outwards bungalow extension enabled their bathroom to fit in an area once occupied by a small office!

Daniel Rees Extension

Extension work by Daniel Rees, architect registered on Design for Me. Marvel at this outward extension that incorporates a comfy sofa as well as a spacious kitchen area ideal for having your friends over.

Corin Morton Extension

Lovely extension by Corin Morton, architect registered on Design for Me. Great incorporation of Bi-fold doors to allow for natural lighting.

All of these extensions are possible and more! We have seen these possibilities become realities time and time again! If you have questions concerning the cost of this bungalow extension project, we encourage you to consult this convenient cost calculator.

Remember that the cost of a bungalow extension will vary based upon your location, project size, and the materials used. As always, we encourage you to consult with an architect/designer before the start of your project!

Hope that helps!!

Austin,  Design for Me


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